What do your notes look like for WK and Genki?

There shouldn’t be any need to use notes with an SRS system. That’s the main point of an SRS tool. The flashcards require you to produce the answer each time anyway, and you can review any item at any time by using WaniKani’s search feature to find its page. You can use other tools like KameSame if you want to review the items from English→Japanese. If you really want to you could just drill out writing the Kanji, but WaniKani doesn’t teach any higher concepts for you to take notes on. It’s just memorization.

I'm not a fan of Genki but here are what some of my notes from Cure Dolly lessons look like.

As I gather more "conjugation"™ modulation knowledge I deemed it useful to keep consolidating it for reference. I may clean this up and print it out later when I feel like it’s complete. I’ve started doing the same with particles.