What do you want now? (Request extensions here)


I’ll be doing that too :stuck_out_tongue:


It does. Thanks.


I’d suggest just doing your reviews and when you get something wrong, just read the mnemonics again. Repeat until you start getting it right…

Imitating a lesson session in a script is probably quite difficult and not worth the effort.


Is there any script which allows you to remove items from your review cue? I’ve been seeing some words over and over that I keep getting wrong, and it’s very frustrating to see these same words all the time. I just want to remove them out of my cue and focus on the words that I can learn easily for now.


No, there is not. I’d say that the API key doesn’t allow that to happen, but I’m no expert.


A script that makes synonyms as the main meaning.


Not sure if this is already a script or has been requested, but I would love a script that recognizes I’ve typed in the wrong answer and prompts a message that says: “Are you sure?” Because that would save me from making so many silly errors, and then times when I really don’t know I can just say that “I’m sure” and take the miss.

That being said however, it might hurt my learning if I get a second chance to think about it. But then again, it’s not the same a multiple choice and I just have to rethink my answer. Dunno.


Could you not just use the override script?


To me, it’s not really the same thing. I’m looking to rethink before I make a mistake, not make a mistake and then override it. Besides, I don’t want the temptation to abuse the script.


I like your idea. I often mistyped, or typed too quickly and hit return unconsciously and then surprised my brain said different word than what I just submitted but there’s no “oops” feature like bunpro. I know some bunpro users might answer dishonesty by hitting oops to have all of his answers green/correct, but I use that feature honestly, so it helps a lot, but we have different opinion on this (II can see your second reply to Kumirei). I don’t mind to have “Are you sure?” but not everytime when I want to submit an answer that “Are you sure?” question always pops up. Rather the script should be able to smartly recognize if I mistyped. Well, I’m just saying what I want here, I don’t know how to implement it though, and sorry my English, not native speaker.


I agree! If the script could recognize that you made an error and then prompt the question, that would be best. Every time would be annoying.

(I understood you :smiley:)


Not being sarcastic:
Is “Are you sure” really different from “That’s wrong, click here to fix it”? I mean, if it asks you “Are you sure”, you already know it’s wrong, and you still have the same opportunity to mark it as right.

Anyway, the main reason I ask is because the Double Check script is essentially the same as Override, except it allows you to try retyping the answer rather than just marking it right.

In some ways, it’s still almost as easy to cheat with Double Check as with Override if you tell yourself , “Oh yeah, I knew that was suppose to be じょう instead of じょ”, but you wouldn’t have realized that unless it told you that you got it wrong first. So, you still have to rely on your self control to use it wisely.

[On a side note, Double Check also allows you to mark things wrong when the typo-forgiveness built into Wanikani is too lenient.]


Now that is a good point you raise.

However, I disagree that both are the same. Because while AYS script lets you know it’s wrong, it doesn’t show you the answer. You just have a moment to fix your mistake, or you have to dig a little harder for the answer. And if you can’t remember you have to take the miss.

Whereas the override lets you see the answer and then you can decide. Which is fine if you make a geniune mistake and really know the answer.

For me personally, I would like to prevent a mistake rather than respond to a mistake.

And no worries, I don’t think you were sarcastic.

I agree with you on this part. In fact, I think that this has changed my thinking on the AYS script. At that point it can kind of become more “guessing” and saying “well, it’s either にんせい or じんせい!” Which, At the end of the day, really isn’t any different than overriding if one lacks self control.

That being said, I personally would prefer an AYS style script to an override. Because I agree that it is in someways as easy to cheat, but not all.


no it doesn’t. I think you’re confusing with the anki script? The override script ignores your wrong answer and puts it back in the review queue, so you can try again. It basically does what you’re asking. Instead of deciding if you want to fail the item after getting ‘are you sure’, you decide it by clicking the ‘Ignore answer’ button (or not).

I also think showing ‘are you sure?’ after failing an item to be a bit silly. You’re gonna know you can’t possibly be sure of the answer, because otherwise the script wouldn’t have activated!


Oh! I just assumed they were the same!

Further, “are you sure?” Ideally and what I was thinking would not come up after getting it wrong.

Thanks for your response, now I know!


Perhaps, could someone make an extension that, every time you click on a link or open a new tab, you have to do one review? It’ll be good for those lazy internet addicts, including me. :laughing:


You have piqued my curiousity sir. Surely since its been plugged there is no harm in sharing it now.


Used to be able to submit negative numbers for meaning/reading incorrect, but only on first review. But it left some odd quirks in the resulting data.

I had discovered it while (incorrectly) subtracting out incorrect answers during testing of scripts on the review page.

Useless Meanings

Hi @rfindley - As odd/quirky as this may seem, how difficult would it be for someone with your skills to dig around and find out the frequency of occurrence of each kana/mora as either a single/first mora or second mora for all of the primary WK kanji readings (ignoring those with 3+ mora). It’s rather time consuming with my skill set of using pencil & paper (a.k.a. a tally sheet) :sweat:. Cheers!


It would be nice to instead of having a separate site, have an option in wanikani to add completely new words. This thread [UserScript] Wanikani Self-Study Plus (v 0.1.13) [Unsupported] (for now) has a script that attempted to do it but it doesn’t work at all and for a completely unknown amount of time in the future. thanks :slight_smile: