What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

“item info” opens if a wrong answer is entered.

The Wanikani Companion extension for Chrome does that. I know there should already be a script too, but I don’t know which.

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This script does that, and there’s also an option to do that for correct answers that have multiple readings:

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, although I did try to read 3 months of replies and saw none of it.

Is anyone working on resurrecting or making a new self-study script? Not like the one that lets you review WK content, but like the old ones that used to let you add your own vocab to WK.

I used one a long time ago and tried to install it again but it’s completely broken now :frowning:

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So I’d like to request something that doesn’t let me level up until I’ve unlocked all vocab, kanji and radicals from my current level.

Personally, I don’t enjoy unlocking radicals from a new level while I’m trying to unlock that last bit of vocab from the old level.


You can fix that with the reorder script. It allows you to choose to learn items from the levels you have unlocked.

A suggestion: just like how WK shows you vocab that uses x kanji during the kanji lessons, I think having a script that showed you vocab using the same kanji readings for vocab lessons could be very useful.

For example: imagine that you’re learning the word 歌手. The script would tell you something like: “Hey, here’s some more words that have the same reading for 手 (しゅ): 助手、選手 and 握手!”

I find that learning new words using the same reading for the same kanji really makes it easier to learn those words. Your brain kinda groups these words together.

Here’s an example from Maggie Sensei using the same logic:

@koichi sorry to tag you, just in case you find this interesting (aka wanna add it to wk).


Is there a way to make the “Item Info” button expand all information without having to click the “Show All Information” button?

(stolen from another thread :sweat_smile:)
Is it possible to make a script that will look at the WK blog to see what words were changed, added, or removed, then, in a review session, to have a little bubble or something that says “oh BTW, this word may be different than you remember”?


You can press “F” to open the item info and then the Spacebar to show all of it, or it looks like there is this existing script:

Bump. I esp need this now considering my long hiatus. I’m guessing the API doesn’t have that sort of feature (replay lessons as if they were unlearned) built in but it could be imitated in a different window that has the same sort of process and hints.

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Is there an extension allowing lessons to be repeated? This could be done by putting a “redo lesson” button on the lessons page where it shows you the last lesson’s summary (or just review radicals/kanji/vocab), as opposed to starting a new session. Or one could “relearn” multiple selected items. Such a function would be very helpful for me, I find the lesson environment to be much more conducive to learning than just looking at the reading/meaning sections. Usually I enter a first review with at least one item I’m completely clueless about, and have to type in random bullshit. It takes 2 or more false answers for the reading/meaning to stick. I’d love to use this script to relearn my last lesson since I rushed through it due to time demands involving real-life humans. Even just that simple function (relearn last lesson) would be fantastic…

If you guys truly love me you will artificially inflate the popularity of this hypothetical extension

Seriously, let’s talk seriously now. You don’t want to reset because you’ll feel like you’re going backwards, is that it? :slight_smile:

I’d like to get a sense of how much I remember first. It’s much easier to learn something a second time and I’d be quite bored waiting for new material once I’ve remembered things. I’ll likely reset a few levels but for some I just need a reminder.

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In general I have quite a good memory and going through my review items I can answer at least 60% at the moment. I think most of the material will resurface in muh brain, it’s just temporarily a bit buried while I wasn’t using it. That is a highly scientifological description of how human memory works.

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