What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Ow, ok, no problem. I got you…

Awesome thanks!
I think that it would be a good idea to do it outside of the wk reviews, to review the vocabs both ways with and without kanjis. What do you think?

Maybe it is possible with houhou? Never used it so i’m not sure and prefer to ask before trying.

(T’es français non ^^ ?)

hehehey by the way @rfindley I could use your self study quizz script to do this by changing it a bit. I will give it a try tomorrow and see if I can change it to only show kana. Must be easy I believe.

If I understand correctly, I think this is already possible in the preset configuration menu. It should be the “Reading -> Meaning”.

bro, I misread the definition of 本and thought it was “read” rather than “real”. I didn’t notice it said slightly off and by the time I realized my mistake, I had almost got it to Guru and it took a long tiome before I typed in the correct meaning.


If you’d be willing to put in the extra work, that would be a good idea indeed.

I’ve never used HouHou before, but if it isn’t possible already, it’s probably gonna be hard to make. You’d have to contact the maker of that program, so it’d be out of my hands.

nope, but I can understand it.

Oh okay I’ll check it this evening thanks.
@Mempo okay I will seek for solutions thanks!
I though you were french because of your azerty keyboard.

Mark as incorrect.

Blacklisting English meaning.
Sometimes, I don’t like some of the official WaniKani meanings too. I want such meanings to be incorrect. The other use would be prevention of improper Cigar-ization.

Im pretty sure this would be a huge task, but maybe an extension (or separate website) that, just like anki, you’re able to put in new fake “levels”, kanji, or sets of vocabulary from others, except it’s just like wanikani in the sense of the style and SRS etc.

How about a redirect script so every time I click on the “Community” link I get sent to a page asking “Have you done your grammar lessons yet? Yes/No”

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An extension to order reviews according to their level-up status.

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Script to allow Kana/Kanji in Meaning input box of Vocab and Kanji.

I am planning this: Adding Japanese meaning as a synonym for every vocab and Kanji in WaniKani

I still want this as well. I don’t want to answer the meaning correctly too early for certain entries…

Would it be possible to have the context of kanji with similar meanings put together in lessons and reviews?

For example, have context snippets for 価 appear also on 値 so that when you learn either, you can differentiate their uses right away. WK does this sometimes but not extensively. I think it would be pretty useful.

(hope this makes sense).

Like 理由、場所、存在 right?

It might be a good idea to extend this ⇑ to this script. I am not sure if it is already in the script, though. At least, this is superior to WaniKani’s native version.

Yes exactly!

Thanks for the suggestion! I just checked it, and its not but it is still super userful

Being able to run user scripts on an android phone.

RDP into a desktop :sunglasses:

You can with Firefox+Violentmonkey.


Do you mean their SRS level? Then check this: [Userscript] WaniKani Review Asc/Desc SRS Order

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Is there any extension that shows how many items you have at each SRS level and when they’ll be reviewed next? I’ve found something that shows the items at the first two SRS levels, but there are no exact indications of next review moment.

I also would like something to show kanji with similar meanings (Ex: 話 and 物語 both mean story) the way that WaniKani Similar Kanji script shows visually similar kanji. Even better if it could show on the lesson/review pages.


Also, it would be helpful for the ones that don’t have exactly the same meaning but are similar. I goof up so often on the transitive/intransitive pairs and other small differences: to fix, to be fixed; to see, can see; to find, to be found, etc.