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xero said... s there a tool to use WaniKani Radicals for writing practice ? Since WaniKani radicals are unique to WaniKani it is difficult to search them, plus since WaniKani doesn't provide the stroke order even for the radicals it is difficult to practice them. Please Help.

To summarize , I want to print Practice sheets for the radicals with stroke order, using WaniKani radicals and order.
No. And it would make more sense to learn to write kanji using the correct stroke orders. The way they are broken down on WK are not always how they should be broken down.
There is an add on that provides a picture of the complete stroke order for kanji here: /t/Userscript-Stroke-Order-Diagram/5040/1
There is an add on that draws the kanji for you in the reviews, through a gif here: /t/UserScript-Stroke-animation-for-reviews-and-lessons/9741/1
And here are some kanji sheets that you can print off (but I would advise a mini white board to save on paper): /t/★-Print-Kanji-Practie-Writing-Worksheets-Toggle-stroke-orders-onoff-★/6111/1