What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I think there was a script which reminds you of mnemonics when learning a vocab item whose reading you already know , instead of just saying you already know the reading without reminding you of the mnemonic for it. Does anyone remember what that script is?

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There is indeed a script for that, which I assume still works:


what about a script that shows the traditional form of the kanji (or the entire vocab) when we hover the mouse on it ?

You mean show the Chinese traditional version of the kanji? I don’t know if there is a script, but maybe you could copy and paste it into a text editor document that you have set to use a Chinese traditional font?

Yeah. Those that are also called “kyujitai”. They were still in use in japan not so long ago, and apparently you still encounter them once in a while in Japan. It could be useful, or at least it could be interesting.

In my case, I am also learning Chinese, and it is convenient to be able to recognize characters in both forms. I am already copy-pasting them all the time on Wiktionnary. Would be less work to simply hover my cursor.

In fact, I’d also appreciate to have the chinese simplified form, but Wanikani is supposed to be for Japanese :cowboy_hat_face:

to do blindtest on the just-reviewed items

Hello, I would appreciate a script to train user’s listening capabilities on the just-completed review session.

The script which would add two buttons :arrow_forward: :next_track_button: to the review summary page:

  • :arrow_forward: plays the audio of the current item
  • :next_track_button: plays the audio of the next item

On :next_track_button: events, the script is randomly iterating through the items of the review summary. Randomly iterating means that all items are played at least once before an item is selected a second time, but the next item is selected randomly.

The CSS sheet is updated each time :next_track_button: is clicked, in order to highlight the newly selected item. It is used both as a visual feedback, and if the user open his/her eyes, to give the correct answer of which item was played. The user can open this item in a new tab to review the item details.

You can get close to what you want with a combination of Self Study Quiz and Date Filters. Here is the procedure.

  • First install Date and Events filters.
  • This will cause the Last Review After filter to appear in the filter list. Create a new preset with the new button and set the Last Review to -1h to select items reviewed in the last hour.


  • Select the Audio Quiz in the quiz type dropdown. This will quiz you on your last reviewed items with audio quizzes in the random order you want.


This script combination does not have all the bells and whistles you ask for but you will get the random audio quiz you want without waiting for someone to write a new script.

Hey, it’s not so much an extension request, but I was wondering if anyone had written a script to classify a given sentence by WK level? (Would just grab levels of each kanji in sentence / paragraph and return the largest number)

That reminds me of this thread:

which technically is the same thing, just with maaaany sentences :wink:

Maybe you can ask over there how the OP did the classification?


Is there a script where you could see a graph about your leech numbers? Like the workload - reviews per day graph?

Don’t think so

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already or has already been implemented (If it was, please send me a link).

I think an extension that lets users easliy modify the lesson batch sizes from the main menu (in the form of a slider or button where you can choose between the default options (I think 3 -10)) would be a very nice little implementation.

I’m not sure if other people would even be interested in that, but I do like to change the lesson batch size quite frequently (when I just want to get new radicals out of the way but don’t want to start learning the new kanji until the next day for example).

Here’s a script I just made. Let me know if it doesn’t work of you.


It works flawlessly! Thank you very much for the quick response, you are amazing.

Would it be conceivable to somehow make an extension that would allow a user to manually create their own levels or items to review beyond level 60? There are so many parts of WaniKani that I prefer to Anki, it’s hard to imagine having to go without those once I reach level 60 if I want to continue learning new kanji and vocab.

Edit: I just realized there’s already a self-study userscript that more or less does what I was looking for. My apologies.

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(If there isn’t already) I would love a script where you could attach images. Memrise has this function, and I find the visuals cues very helpful.

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Combine that with the WaniKani Item Inspector script by @prouleau and you will have…

I just want an extension where upon clicking Item info for a Kanji Review, I’ll be able to see all of the vocabulary in WaniKani which uses that Kanji.


Is there a script that notifies me when a review is up?

Or is there someway to do that that I’m missing?

I like to do reviews through the day, and I miss that feature.

Edit: Just to make myself clear, I mean notifications in the browser, like news sites do.

How about this one?