What combination of learning should I use with Wanikani?

Am pushing through to Level 9 and all is going well. I am probably a little slow (2-3 hours a day) in getting through lessons and reviews but that’s ok.

Was wondering say if I could push out another 5-8 hours a week of Japanese study, what would be the best use of my time.

I was thinking maybe 4-5 hours/week on Italki (a combination of say an hour or two of pro tutor/the rest conversational. There seems to be a reasonable cost difference as you would expect between the two, so this in theory seems like a good way to balance out cost/learning).

Then the other part grammar, maybe 3 hours? I have Tae Kim’s guide which I haven’t really got into yet. Is this a good idea? Any other solid ways for regular grammar?

I’ll start to read more as suggested once I’m through Level 10.

Interested to hear people’s thoughts/suggestions on this or if there is anything else I should do/add in any of these areas a tthis relatively early stage. Thanks!


Have you considered combining the iTalki classes with grammar? You could go through a textbook with a native and get grammar and listening/speaking practice at the same time. For the extra time, I’d focus on reviewing grammar points you might not know that well, joining a book club on the forums for reading practice (I recommend one of the beginner clubs), and learning vocab outside of Wanikani (as Wanikani doesn’t have all the words you’ll need to learn Japanese). For that, people mostly use Anki, but I recommend Kitsun, a platform being developed by a level 60 WK user, more user friendly and more focused on Japanese learning.


Thanks for that response. That’s a good idea in regards to combining iTalki with grammar. I’ll look into that.

In regards to joining a book club. Does that get a bit expensive? I see for some of these books for beginners individual books (which I assume are short and basic) are from 605 yen for a digital copy. That’s about $AUD8.50? Just wondering how quickly that is going to add up. I just thought it would be a bit cheaper than that for purely digital content, or is there a subscription for such things?

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I wouldn’t say so to be honest. The book clubs choose and read a manga/book every 3 months or so, so that $AUD8.50 expense would be every 3 months. $AUD17 if you do both beginner book clubs (which is the maximum I’d recommend to you at this stage and once you tackle some grammar). The point of these clubs is to stimulate reading in beginners. It’s something hard to start with (mainly by oneself), so having a healthy pace and more knowledgeable learners helping is something everyone can benefit from imo :grin:

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I thought I was the only one!

Ah ok. Yes, 3 monthly is very manageable, was thinking it would be a bit rough it was a weekly thing! Will definitely look into it. They say you should start doing some reading by about level 10 so I am getting pretty close.


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Ha yes. Sometimes things just come but other times I have to have a really good think about what the reading is, then getting it right when typing. Guess it gets easier as you start to read and many more things stick.

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