What are your thoughts on Kitsun.io?

Kitsun looks very interesting. I like how it looks. I did the trial a couple of months ago, but didn’t really dive
in deep enough to get a proper feel for it. I’ve seen some old threads where people recommend anki over anything else, but I find anki a little overwhelming. I prefer something with a litte more style and less tinkering (I like customization, just not to a degree where I have to learn CSS).


It’s made by a WK user, so there’s an official thread if you want to check that out.


Kitsun.io is a good Anki replacement IMO. Clean, and easy to use. Also check out Renshuu if you haven’t already.


I’ve been using Kitsun for the past five days. At first it didn’t wow me too much because I didn’t really explore how it works, but it did leave a decent impression with its interface.

Then I really started getting into it yesterday.

Holy c***. It allows me to import entire novels (that are free and fair use of course) from the Internet onto its system, and furigana is automatically produced for all of the Kanji, and upon clicking you automatically get the definition of the word. This was the wow factor for me.

I’m getting a yearly subscription for it first thing tomorrow when I wake up. It is THAT good.


It’s great. I bought an entire year of it right off the bat. It may not be as moddable as Anki, but the interface and simplicity make it so painless to use. That’s what a nice tool designed to assist you with learning should be in my opinion; quick and easy.
I like Anki too, but I’ve always been very picky when it comes to Ui and the like. Anki felt so unorganized to me, and it felt like I had to mod it to oblivion to be happy with it.


Yeah once you start getting into web novels it’s super useful. I’ve only recently started to be able to read stuff on syosetu.com

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