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Week 9

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Week 9 Jan 6 Part 2 prologue + chapter 1 47

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading
西澤 架 にしざわ かける Main character
坂庭 真実 さかにわ まみ Kakeru’s fiancée
坂庭 陽子 さかにわ ようこ Mami’s mom
坂庭 正治 しょうじ Mami’s dad
岩間 希実 いわま のぞみ Mami’s sister
剛志 つよし Nozomi’s husband
桐歌 きりか Nozomi’s daughter (mami’s niece)
大原 おおはら A male friend of Kakeru’s
美奈子 みなこ A female friend of Kakeru’s
あずさ A female friend of Kakeru’s
小野里 おのざと Matchmaker old lady
金居 智之 かない ともゆき Mami’s first suitor
花垣 学 はながき まなぶ Mami’s second suitor
Name Reading
阿佐谷 あさがや Where Mami lived
富洲 とよす Where Kakeru lives in Tokyo
小岩 こいわ Where Nozomi lives
群馬 ぐんま Prefecture Mami’s from
前橋 まえばし City Mami’s from

Quiz answers:

  • Hanagaki was drinking メロンソーダ while Kakeru got himself a cup of coffee
  • It’s briefly mentioned that Kakeru is holding the keys of his BMW car
  • 渚 is read なぎさalthough みぎわ is also a valid reading

Well that was interesting. We get to see Mami’s side of the story, and she does appear to be a deeply flawed character, insecure, selfish and childish. But by the end of chapter 1 I felt like I could understand her a bit, and she actually seems pretty human? E.g. she sounds superficial when she dismisses Kanai based on his looks, but having little to no dating experience and being told “now kiss” with someone who just doesn’t create that sort of feeling for you… I understand why she would ask not to go ahead. Also the whole “I’m upset but I want you to notice without me telling you” is childish but I can’t say I’ve never felt that way.


I feel the same way about this chapter. Also, for some reason, this was the first time I was so hooked that I read the whole chapter in one sitting.

I think most people go through this when they are in their teens to 20s, right? I think because her parents were not very good role models emotionally, and also because she was really sheltered and a bit naive to begin with, she never got to grow up in a sense. Especially when it comes to dealing with conflict in a relationship. She also seems to have a kind of black and white thinking about what is “good” and can’t even live up to her own morals (not lying). Which probably makes her feel pretty bad, like many other things in her life. Her growth seems really stunted. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like her environment will ever help her grow in this way.

I really wonder if they will break up or stay together in the end. I think both possibilities could be satisfying, depending on how it goes. Or just an open end. :smiley:


Same for me here.

As @miwuc put it: “But by the end of the chapter…”. At the beginning, I could not relate to all that “he should have noticed”, “he made me do this”… But now, with all that background information, like, what happened when she came back to her parents’ house from that 飲み会, it somehow falls into place.

What suprised me most, though…

was the fact that I enjoyed the prologue very much. Despite me having written only last week that I wished there to be more to it than her merely having invented the stalker. I had been convinced that I would be disappointed if there was no actual “physical” threat she was running away from. But I am not. I still would have preferred it to be a different kind of book (more crime novel, less psychology), but I loved how the atmosphere and meaning changed between the original prologue and its “extended version”. Nicely done!!

This week's quiz, full of spoilers!

In my mind there’s one right answer to each question but I’m not a literature major so feel free to disagree ^^’

Why does Mami sound terrified in the prologue
  • Because she doesn’t know what to do
  • Because she’s afraid of the stalker
  • Because she’s afraid of her lies getting found out
  • Because she’s desperate to get married to Kakeru
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Why is the main reason Mami moved to Tokyo
  • To meet new people for 婚活
  • To find a new job on her own
  • To move away from her past suitors
  • To move away from her mom’s influence
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How does Mami feel when seeing Kanai with his family?
  • She’s condescending becase he still looks pretty lame
  • She feels jealous of women who could get married with him
  • She’s dumbfounded that he was able to have a wife and kid so soon
  • She’s bitter that he was able to get married and she wasn’t
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