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Welcome to Week 8 of 葬送のフリーレン ・Frieren :man_elf:

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Week 8 7 June 2024
Start Page 111
End Page 128
Chapters Read Ch 4
Last week Week 7
Next week tbd
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Last panel: end of chapter


Vocabulary spreadsheet

Names and places
Many characters have katakana names that derive from German words.

Japanese German English role first appearance
フリーレン Frieren Freeze main character Ch 1 p 3
ヒンメル Himmel Sky or heaven Frieren’s comrade Ch 1 p 3
アイゼン Eisen Iron Frieren’s comrade Ch 1 p 3
ハイター Heiter Cheerful Frieren’s comrade Ch 1 p 3
フェルン Fern far away Frieren’s companion Ch 2 p 42
シュトラール Strahl sunlight holy city Ch 2 p 42
ターク Tag day region Ch 3 p 78

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Hmm, something’s weird, this many people on “I’m reading along”


It’s like it’s a super good manga or something. :wink:
I’ll speak for myself but I actually ended up speeding through it around chapter 3/4 because I could understand enough and it’s overall very enjoyable!


Are there normally less people at this point?

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No, but at least a few of those people (including me) usually rush ahead by this point.

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I’m just happy I can keep up.



I suppose it means somewhere along it’s a recommended place. Can’t seem to wrap my head on はある。Can anyone break it down and perhaps more example sentences?




That was a nice chapter, felt good to be able to read it in one go.

Some points that I wasn’t quite sure about:


Does that translate to:
Frieren, because you are sort of thick headed to the extent where you can’t help it, I’m going to tell you clearly.


From the context, I would assume this talks about how old Fern has become. And that Frieren hadn’t asked about it until now? ついに But 抜くhas a million meanings, and I’m not seeing a negation in this sentence. Could use some help with the breakdown.

Also: もう16ですからね。お姉さんですね。
Does Fern refer to the fact that she’s no longer a child, but a young woman?

Also: 食べている物はほとんど同じはずなんだけどな… 不思議だ…
I’m having trouble placing this sentence in the context. It seems to translate to “We’re bound to be eating the same things. It’s all mystery.” But I’m missing the point here.


That seems to fit with this N2 grammar point (in an abbreviated form), for an expected result: It was recommended, so the good view is no surprise.
だけのことはある (JLPT N2) | Bunpro


I had rushed ahead but then I got distracted and now I’ve lost my lead :smile:

Might just binge the whole thing this weekend though

p. 125

You’ve pretty much got it - though I’d translate どうしようもないほどにぶい more along the lines of “hopelessly thick-headed”


It’s 抜かす, with the meaning of “to pass” - it’s about how Fern has grown taller than Frieren (and as you can see in following panels, grown past Frieren in other ways as well).


Notice what Frieren is looking at in the panels before, and where there’s a rather stark contrast between them.

Frieren’s wondering why Fern’s chest is so much bigger than hers, seeing as they eat the same things.


Thanks. It helps to have those panels pointed out. I was a bit too focused on the text, it seems. :upside_down_face:


Oh, I see, it’s typical for people to rush ahead! That’s funny… this is the first time I’ve ever done it so I had no idea. Makes sense!

Frankly, I think at the pace I was going, I probably understood 60% well, and everything else partially. I pretended I was a little kid, reading a book that was too advanced for me, and if I couldn’t get something, I shrugged and kept going. Sometimes reading ahead can help you connect the dots of what was going on previously.

I’ve got a great example of this but it’s gonna have to wait a few weeks, someone remind me! Haha.

Here’s a favorite panel from this week:


My heart is warm. :face_holding_back_tears:

Overall, a really lovely chapter where we get to see Frieren exploring human connections through both her recalled past as well as the present.



I saw a few weeks ago this book club was ongoing and decided to get the lot and join. I just caught up now, so I’m glad to participate! :smile:

Page 113

Still trying to decipher what kanji is being 溶かすんed here… is that 服??

p. 113

Yup, that’s 服!


This was a fun chapter and a nice narrative change of pace.

Notes & Questions:


When I look at the components of this sentence I arrive at a translation of “She was somewhat interested in fashion…”, but I get the impression that it’s trying to say the opposite. DeepL translates this as “I didn’t know she was interested in fashion…” which makes more sense to me. Could someone help identify what I’m missing in this sentence?


I love that Fern is always casually hanging out with animals.


Seems like a callback to Frieren acquiring the 民間魔法 to turn grapes sour. I wonder if it will be used later.


The part that’s there means something like “Such a thing as this person having interest in fashion…” And then the part that’s not there is probably something like “…I can’t imagine that happening”.

Edit: correction, what I meant to say is that imo this is the point the sentence is trying to make

p. 114

I had the same idea - just utter bewilderment about the same Frieren who lets her hair puff up because she doesn’t give a hoot now having an interest in pretty trinkets.

Only thing I’d add is that poofy Frieren is adorable