Week 7: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

This week's events

Well :grin:

:100: :tada:

Saikawa noticed that as well - and it got him thinking :smiley:

Then we had Moe notice that the colors of the the buildings were maybe meant to match the colors of the stars in the Orion, but they were the wrong way around… So she also seems to embark on a train of thought that might lead to discovering the rotation business… ?

Also they noticed that maybe Ritsuko did not lie in the bed that Shun’ichi later dropped onto when he was being killed, because how could she (or a person that dragged her from the room) have managed to neatly rearrange the sheets?

But we had a long discussion about the vase, and it seems there is only one. So what about that one? Did they actually carry the vase to Noboru’s room and back? That would be the most realistic scenario. Still, this is an unsolved puzzle piece.

And then, the revelation that maybe Katayama Kisei is not dead after all? What’s going on there? And why is everybody telling lies about this?

This is getting more and more convoluted :joy_cat: