Week 3: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

Thoughts on this week, and lots of speculations

Now, that escalated quickly :joy_cat:

First of all, we have Saikawa’s groundbreaking discovery that Moe might be in love with him! :astonished: Immediately followed by his reasoning about his own superiority :crazy_face: I think it’s funny that even the author seems to mock him during that passage. (Or at least I thought so.)

Secondly, finally, a murder, no, even two! And so far nothing that disputes our theory of the rotating main hall. I think I need to digest this once more:

  • Ritsuko was found in front of the reappeared statue, dead. If we assume that she actually was in Noboru’s room, then that room is conveniently located right in front of the statue, so he could have taken her outside and killed her while she was still drunk and the fog was still thick.
  • Would it be possible to get her out of the window while she is drunk? Or would he need another person’s help?
  • Then he’d have the room key and would be able to do with it what he pleases. Especially the scene with Shun’ichi at his mother’s room’s door would become more plausible: Noboru would wait inside until he knocked a few times, would then unlock the door, let him enter and kill him. Afterwards he could sneak out again, lock the room and take the key outdoors where he places it next to Ritsuko.

The big question is: Why did Noboru kill the two?

Wild theory #1: The person who solves the puzzle of the disappearing statue inherits the property. But if Noboru is an insider, he cannot solve the puzzle because he knows the secret already. Still he might be interested in inheriting it because maybe he is an illegitimate child of the professor? (His mother worked for him for ages, and Noboru is younger than 20, so this might be a possibility.) In order for that, he would need to get rid of all legitimate heirs. That would mean he needs to kill Ryouko, Kazuki and Kisei as well. (At some point it would probably get a bit too obvious, but hey!) So my call would be that he tries to kill them, but Saikawa and Moe discover his sinister plans and stop him at the last minute (or maybe right after he killed Kisei).

What do y’all think? (Edit: about this week, not about my thoughts :sweat_smile:)