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Week 2


Start Date: Dec 10
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Week 2 Dec 10 Chapter 2 ~57

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A lot of theories are being thrown around, so will be interesting to see exactly how everything turns out.

I thought they’d run into a corpse when they visited the Kayama house, but seems like Fuusai’s death actually is the main feature and not just background/plot hook. I assume we’ll get more deaths at some point in the book, probably (likely once all the Kayamas gather).

  • The characters are doing a good job of handling the book club-style discussions themselves :slight_smile:
  • The 横溝正史 reference was cool - I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a Japanese literary reference where I’ve already read some of the source material.

Hi everyone, I forgot to comment so far, but I have been reading along.

This is interesting, isn’t it. The last book started with two murders and then focused on character development for the next 100+ pages. This book is the first one so far to have gone over 100 pages without a murder (in the present day). On the other hand, this is also the longest book in the series so far, so there’s still plenty of time for further developments.

Yeah, I enjoyed that too! Although I haven’t read 悪魔が来りて笛を吹く, the description sure sounded a lot like how the murder happened in 本陣殺人事件 (not sure if I should be putting any of this under spoiler tags).

I am looking forward to the Christmas Eve celebration soon to come! :sweat_smile:


So cute! Playing in the snow with such zeal. So that’s why Moe wasn’t attending Saikawa’s lecture. She was busy collecting information from golf enthusiast police officer.

Hehe, I was surprised by the sudden Nagono(?) dialect in that scene.

As for the mystery case so far (a summary):

Seems like the victim was in the storehouse / personal drawing office, which is separate from the main house. The storehouse had no windows and the door was locked from within with a simple bar/bolt ((かんぬき)). A ladder inside the building gave access to the second floor.

The victim was found on the first floor in a pool of blood with a stab wound in the trunk, seemingly caused by a sharp but kinda round, pointed object. So not a knife. Nearby was the locked box (no traces of blood) and the key-containing vase (with traces of blood on it). Other than that, no sign of blood. There was also a heater (火鉢(ひばち)) and a small dog there (alive). Victim was found in the morning after three people had broken down the door. Prior to that there were no traces in the snow surrounding the storehouse.

The main questions are: where and what is the murder weapon, why was the door locked, who killed the victim (suicide or not?), what’s in the locked box, how did the key get into the vase, and why did he have to die.


I was thinking the same thing too (密室 in a 離れ on a snowy night, no weapon found inside, and might be a suicide with some kind of からくり).
So it was cool when they actually mentioned Yokomizo!


I started late due to Christmas festivities/adopting two cats but I am now catching up! :man_running::running_man:

Really enjoying this one so far! There has been a lot fun character interaction (particularly between hamanaka and Moe) and Saikawa has been less annoying than usual so far probably because he’s hardly been in it
I feel like the past mystery is good in that it gives a chance for fun character interaction before jumping into a high stakes situation but adds some interest last just the typical university stuff. Also it’s fun to see Moe investigating stuff without Saikawa for once


I really hope Moe solves this one for once and spares us the usual Saikawa “what, you still don’t get it?” monologue. But I wouldn’t bet my life on it.