Week 14: 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore 🏖

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海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: Home Thread

Week 14


Start Date: Aug 27
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Week Start Date Chapters Page Count
Week 14 Aug 27 26, 27, 28 50

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I’ve only read chapters 26 and 27 so far but from chapter 26 I’m really worried about Hoshino! I feel like Colonel Sanders is giving off some real Johnny Walker vibes and that most likely means that something weird/scary/disturbing is in store. I also kind of wouldn’t be too surprised if the girl that the colonel is talking about is Sakura, just because she’s another established character that is in this town, but I kind of hope that it isn’t!


Finished just now - right in time for the end of the week :grin:

And now questions are piling up mountain-high. Is Saeki really his mother? The lightning victim story and the fact that she didn’t outright answer his question leads the reader to believe she is. Why is she searching for the same stone as Tanaka? Why is the stone in the garden of the shrine (where Kafka woke up covered in blood, I assume)? Will the ghost of the young Saeki return once more, or is she now gone forever? Who is this ridiculous Colonel Sanders? Is he really Johnny Walker? Would make sense, given the naming scheme :laughing: and the fact that he knows a lot about Hoshino.
Anyways, there is no remedy other than continuing to read!