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Week 15


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Chapter 29 comments:
OK, so now that is settled. Saeki surely is his mother, and they had sex :white_check_mark:, Sakura surely is his sister, and they will also have sex at some point :white_check_mark:. What is still left is how exactly Nakata fits into the puzzle…
Anyway, the book is picking up so much speed that I keep thinking it should be over in the next 100 pages or so, but there’s still 400 pages left :thinking:

And then those sex scenes… sounded pretty boring tbh :woman_shrugging: I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised as I’ve met enough men who think that this kind of “wham-bam, thank you ma’am” is the epitome of good sex, but somehow I had hoped that an author (of all persons) might come up with something more flavorful. Anyways… on to the next chapter :grin:


I’ve also just read chapter 29 and Things Are Happening TM.

Well, Murakami (in translation) has been up for that ‘worst sex scenes’ joke literary award at least once: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/bad-sex-fiction-awards-haruki-murakami-killing-commendatore-james-frey-katerina-shortlist-winner-a8664786.html?amp I don’t think I was expecting anything better…


OMG that’s really hilarious - didn’t know such a thing exists! (And wow, these are some pretty bad scenes in that article :laughing:)


Some other articles came up about a scene from IQ84 being nominated for it so I think that Murakami has been in the list for it at least twice :laughing:

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Not surprised that some of you came here just to comment on Chapter 29. I assumed that would happen and came here to check out the situation right after finishing that chapter. :laughing:

Well said. :rofl:


By the way, I personally didn’t find the sex scene to be boring or poorly written. Maybe a little overly graphic. But then again, I am a guy, so maybe it doesn’t take much to impress me. All I will say is that the situation alone was enough to make me feel unsettled and somewhat disturbed.


I totally don’t blame you! And in my opinion it’s not really about “being easily impressed” but instead about “where is the focus”. I’ve met a bunch of guys [trigger warning nsfw] for whom the most important things are penetration and orgasm. And I mean, I can understand, it’s totally in the interest of nature to behave like that. Unfortunately, I don’t roll like that :woman_shrugging: and so this description of “woman is already hot when she meets the dude” → “woman quickly goes for penetration” (which is the standard topic in porn material aimed at dudes) is not something I can relate to too much, plus it feels somewhat unnatural to me. That’s why I said it was boring.

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Yeah, that’s perfectly understandable. I think it’s safe to say that the scene was written from a male perspective with a male reader in mind - regardless of whether or not that was a conscious decision.

Now, my question is, what demographic was the Johnnie Walker scene aimed at? :sweat_smile:

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I took a long break to handle some other major goal in my life, and… wow. What a welcome back to the book :rofl:

I agree with everything everyone said relating to chapter 29 - it’s so uncomfortable, uninspired, and creepy. I hope it has a point in the end!

In chapter 31 did anyone else get thrown off when the perspective changed from 僕 to 君? It happened to be on a page break for me, so I had to check a couple of times that I hadn’t skipped a page/missed anything haha

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