Week 12: TUGUMI 🌅 [END]

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Week 12


Start Date: Oct 15th
Previous Part: Week 11


Week Start Date Chapter Start Page Page Count
Week 12 Oct 15th つぐみからの手紙 + あとがき、など 211 19 + 2 + 5

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To those of you who finished the book already: Did you read the あとがき and the other stuff, and was it worthwhile?

After finishing the main story I did not feel like proceeding to it immediately as I was quite caught in the feels of the letter, and then I somehow postponed it…


I skimmed through it and decided I’m not interested…


Fair enough, thanks! I think I will follow suit.


I read only the first short あとがき (on pp 230-231 in my paperback edition), not the longer ones after that.

It made me curious to visit 西伊豆 some day.

And I was struck by the sentence 「そして、つぐみは私です。」


I read them and thought they were pretty interesting. Particularly the longer one by the editor, since he talks a lot about 吉本ばなな’s becoming an author.

They don’t talk a lot about the book itself, so you’re not missing a lot by skipping them if you’re not interested in the author’s personal history.


Thanks for the insight!


My version doesn’t have the other stuff - only the short あとがき, which I think is worth reading. One line surprised me though it probably shouldn’t have.

Oh and extra comment to say I’ve finally finished! Read all of the chapter 12 and the あとがき today.