Week 10: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

Maaaaan Saikawa is so obnoxious. I’m sorry but I’m with 萩原 here. Get to the freaking point. Your little show got people in danger for god’s sake.

Ok so the the murder itself is pretty straightforward in the end and pretty much what we’d said.

But I’m getting lost in the interpersonal relations. If I understand correctly, 宗太郎 was tired of his life with his wife 律子 and decided to fake his death. 君枝 and 宗太郎 loved each other, and 君枝 didn’t like her husband 彰. So they killed 彰 while making it look like 宗太郎 died. 宗太郎 lived a few more years then committed suicide. 昇 who regarded 宗太郎 as a father figure (even though he’s the professor’s son? or is he?) then resented 律子 for the whole thing (she didn’t do much but ok), and plotted to kill her. And 宗太郎 also loved 亮子 ? Which would make sense if he’s 基生’s twin (or could they be the same person or something??) and 基生 married 亮子. And meanwhile 基生 is supposedly not dead, but that’s a story for the next chapter. :exploding_head: