Week 9: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

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Week 9


Start Date: Feb 19th
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 9 Feb 19th Chapter 9 ~47

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい (Week 1)
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ
片山 和樹 かたやま かずき Moe’s classmate
天王寺 翔蔵 てんのうじ しょうぞう Professor, grandfather of 片山 和樹
西之園 恭輔 にしのその きょうすけ Moe’s deceased father
湯川 ゆかわ Architecture researcher
天王寺 律子 てんのうじ りつこ Wife of 天王寺 宗太郎; actress
天王寺 俊一 てんのうじ しゅんいち Son of 天王寺 宗太郎 and 律子; genius mathematician; actor
鈴木 昇 すずき のぼる Driver; his mother works for the professor
天王寺 宗太郎 てんのうじ そうたろう Professor’s eldest son; mathematician; famous author; deceased
片山 亮子 かたやま りょうこ Professor’s daughter; 和樹’s mother; 俊一’s aunt; widow; relationship with 湯川
片山 基生 かたやま きせい 亮子’s deceased husband; 和樹’s father; architect who designed the remodelling of 三ッ星館; died of cancer
鈴木 君枝 すずき きみえ Professor’s housemaid
片山 志保 かたやま しほ 和樹’s older sister
諏訪野 すわの Moe’s butler
鈴木 彰 すずき あきら 昇’s father (Week 4)
萩原 はぎわら Police officer investigating the case on-premise

Woo! Some action and a few reveals. Didn’t expect to get any in this chapter so it’s a nice surprise. Looks like NicoleRauch was right on the money when suspecting Noboru since the beginning.
In other news, maybe Saikawa now understands that withholding information just for theatrical effect and because “it’s probably safe” is not the best idea? But I’m not very hopeful that he’s learned his lesson. Can’t believe the cops rolled with it.


Oh dang! I got confused by the week number and read your spoiler although I’m only halfway through :scream:

And now I’m dying out of curiosity regarding what exactly I got right :sweat_smile: because meanwhile I figured that Noboru can’t possibly be the murderer because he got shot at… :exploding_head:

runs off to finish this week’s reading


Okay :grin: So mother and son plotted to make the son look unsuspicious. Definitely worked with me! :woman_facepalming:

Anyways, now we’re waiting for next week’s big reveal of all the rest, I guess!


Haha I almost did the exact same thing but caught myself just on time. Checking book club responses when half-awake is dangerous.


Well, sorry for the spoilers I guess ^^’

I thought that Noboru was probably still involved, and in fact the hunting gun incident made him even more suspicious as he seemed to know he was being targeted. But I have to say I never suspected the mom.


No worries :blush: I was almost there anyways and managed to finish quickly. But I hadn’t expected this new escalation to be honest! And yes, I also never suspected the mom. I thought it was very cool how they pulled this off!


Ok one more big prediction before the big reveal–

Is it possible that 片山基生 killed the original professor and took his place? I really wish I could remember some of the details better (e.g. when did the Professor become a recluse? Did the timing line up with 基生’s death? Did Moe comment on the professor seeming young?). But that might explain the skull that Moe found in the ditch, and why Saikawa and Moe were underwhelmed with the professor. It would also explain why he stays hidden away.

I’m also really curious to know how Saikawa was clued in by Moe’s sandwich-making. I thought that scene felt a little “off” initially, so I figured it might be a clue. I’m pretty sure there were no knives in the kitchen for some reason, which seemed strange.


Whoaaa! :exploding_head: That would be truly amazing.

But wouldn’t his relatives notice if his voice had changed, even if they cannot see him? And would Kisei really want to live such a secluded life for the rest of his life? He seems to have wanted a new start, but would that be the start he desired?

For the skull in the forest, I rather thought that was Akira (after having written the manuscript in Soutarou’s name), somehow? Hmmm… But maybe Akira is still alive anyways.

Tomorrow we will know more, I guess!


Not much to add at this point, but I will say that my reading speed has reached its highest level yet with this book. Man, this is good stuff! Better than either of the first two books for me. Will probably finish the rest of the book over the weekend. :smiley:


Me too! I was honestly pretty shocked I was able to keep up and also not fall behind in the other clubs.


I’ve also been enjoying each consecutive book more than the last! It’d be amazing if this kept up for the rest of the series. :smiley:

There’s also definitely something to be said for getting used to a certain authors style and preferred word choices.

Nothing much to say on the content, except I did not see this escalation coming. The last time 犀川 did his big reveal it went so smoothly… I’m sure glad tomorrow is the new week because I’m not sure I could keep myself from continuing.


Exciting stuff! I’m so happy that I got it right with Noboru being the murderer! The two cases before that were definitely much more convoluted in my mind and I didn’t even really try to speculate. I definitely didn’t suspect Kimie to be the shooter! And why did they even set up the shooting thing? If he didn’t want to live anymore, he could just kill himself, I guess? So why bring the mother into it… I guess I’ll have to read the next chapter to find out!

This thought actually crossed my mind as well! I’m still not sure how all the missing people are gonna fit into the story, and I have to say that Saikawa’s comment about the statue kind of confused me? He said the statue was never in front of the main gate… I wonder what he meant by that. Saikawa storytime, let’s go!