Is there anyway to print out a pdf or excel or something of all of the radicals, kanji and vocab I am currently learning. I’m pretty old school when it comes to studying and would like a more concise way of reviewing what I am currently learning in between new reviews and new lessons. To be clear, I am at level two and not yet a paid subscriber. If these things are available once I am a paid sub then I’ll probably just subscribe earlier than level 3. I’m really loving WK so far and this for me is the only thing that is missing. A pdf I could keep open on my laptop or phone that I could reference during downtime without actually having to go on the website. THANKS AHEAD OF TIME EVERYONE!

How about this?

or this:

Hopefully one of them works for you.


@athomasm Hi, thanks for the quick replay! I will def look into both of these! :slight_smile: hopefully, one, or both will work! :slight_smile:

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