Way to increase practice sessions?

Hi DaniM! Welcome to WaniKani. The way SRS (Spaced Repetition System) programs works is by spacing when you review items in order to force you to recall them when they are on the verge of being forgotten. This is to maximize the efficiency of the time you spend studying. The first couple levels are indeed a little slow since there aren’t very many items, but I’d recommend taking this time to check out the forums and figure out the other resources you’d like to use for your Japanese learning journey! This is a great time to pick out what you’d like to use for grammar and start to make a study routine.

FYI, the first two levels are actually accelerated compared to the others, and things start speeding up quite a lot when you get to level 3-4.

I’d recommend looking at these following forum posts to start off:
The Ultimate Guide to WaniKani
Ultimate Japanese Resources Lists

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