Want to write Kanji?

wooow thank you very much. this is priceless.

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It would be nice if you could blur “fucking” .

By the way, good news! I passed JLPT N3, with good grades! :partying_face::confetti_ball:
Thanks to Wanikani the vocab section went smoothly, and due to my avid love for watching anime without dubbing, I got full score in listening!
When I was done with N3, I didn’t to go any further, but now I’m reconsidering my choices 🥲


like a boss bruh!

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My plan is trying for N3 this year. I may wimp out and go for N4 instead though. Or if I get far enough in BunPro, I may just dip into N2… that is way too ambitious though and I would rather come away with SOMETHING over the nothing I would likely come away with if I tried N2… :smiley:


Since I had passed N5, I had this doubt whether to go for N4 and pass or try N3 and have a possibility to fail.
Finally, I decided to go for N3 since it’s better to aim higher and fail rather than aim lower and succeed.
This may look like superficial talk, but if you go for N3 you will learn more than if you target N4.

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I am happy that many people are using the worksheets to study. I didn’t know that one solution I solved for myself could solve the same problems that others are facing. I’m way from where I started, and there’s much to do. These are the latest updates on the website. See if there is something that you wanted.

  1. PDF Previews :eyes:
    Now you can see the PDF contents before downloading them. Some friends requested to show the number of pages before downloading, so it’s also there!

  2. Download problem fixes :arrow_down:
    Some of you told me that there are problems while downloading the PDFs, especially on mobiles. I fixed most of the issues, and in case they are still there, let me know! I’m in bug-squashing mode this year! :smiley:

  3. KanjiGarden Worksheets 🪴
    Many of you might already have noticed, but there are KanjiGarden worksheets available in the write section, thanks to our friend Marius.

On a side note, if you have some time to improve the website, please fill this survey so that I can make a roadmap on what to do next first.

2 Minute Survey Here

Thanks again!


That is true, and it’s what I am thinking I may try to do. I don’t NEED to pass the JLPT so it would be all for myself, so if I fail this year there is always next year.

The problem with that thinking, for me, is I have been trying to buckle down on this Japanese thing for 20 years now. If I buckle down and go for and get N4, is it better than trying for N3 and failing well? I don’t know. I just know I need to keep my focus!

Thanks for the input! It is appreciated.

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I’ve been looking for something like this everywhere thank you so much :sob: :sob:

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I’m sad to say my handwriting is extremely bad compared to yours and I’m right-handed :frowning: also wow your kanji looks really neat


These are great! Thank you very much! Where can we donate?

Also, just a piece of advice.
Watch lots of Japanese videos (anime/Netflix)
I did that, for hours and hours, and it paid off in the exam. The listening section was very slow for me and I scored total marks in that section.

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Here Buy me some Sushi :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @sanjanag!!

It’s been months since I have posted the links, I wonder why people couldn’t find it till now :thinking:

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I found it because it just came up in the suggestions thing idk what it’s called xD

Bought! Enjoy!

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I don’t have a problem watching lots of content. :wink:

The limiting factor with that is my wife. :smiley: She doesn’t share my language learning path and doesn’t have interest, unfortunately. :frowning:

Thank You :pray: You are too kind :wink:

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probably a dumb question but why do people have different colored level numbers next to their profile pictures? like it’s blue for me and purple for you.

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Blue is someone who pays (monthly or yearly) purple is someone who has bought lifetime :wink: