Want to write Kanji?

OMG I love you …er. …it, I love it! Thanks sooooosoooooo much :blush:


Now if only I had a printer…


These look great! As someone who has probably never handwritten a single kanji these will be super useful. I have a few feature suggestions. I’m not sure how you generated the PDFs but it would be really cool if we could create custom worksheets with the kanji of our choice. Also, it might be nice to have worksheets for kana as well.

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These are wonderful, thanks so much for your hard work! I am sure you can tell the WK community is very happy that you did this. I know I am!

Amazing! I was just thinking about the fact that while I can now recognize a couple hundred kanji, I’m not sure that I could write a good portion of them from memory :sweat_smile: Not to mention, writing reinforces memory - the same way that taking notes in class helps drill in the information, writing characters by hand will help instill them in your memory as well!

Thank you for all the hard work! I will definitely be utilizing this!


Man, what kind of monster are your? Thank you for this!

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Thank you! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!
I will make a note and add to the future TODO list!!


This is very cool. Thank you so much!

(You’re quite possibly already aware of this and if so feel free to ignore, but in case it’s helpful—)

If you want to cut out the extra step of looking up a kanji somewhere else, there are userscripts that add stroke order! Personally, I use this one:

Air writing is a good idea, seems easy to incorporate into reviews, I’ll have to try it out :grin:


Thanks so much for this - it will be so useful to me in learning kanji - if I write it I tend to learn it!


Thanks a bunch! I tried convincing myself that I didn’t want to write because of the extra work and not needing it, but I really do want to try it out and see if I enjoy it. This makes it super easy to locate what I need! :smiley:

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I want to make any form I fill out look less like a toddler did it :joy:
That and being able to have my grammar notes entirely in Japanese (and legible at the same time) would be great :slight_smile: I’ll do my best to treat you to some sushi later.


Thank you! I started trying to do this back when I started WaniKani but eventually stopped. This is exactly what I have been looking for, because I know the kinetic learning part of me can remember stuff better if I write it too.

I'm overwhelmed!

This was my first project that got more than 100 visits, and it is really as useful to others as I thought.
I’m really thankful to the Wanikani community, and you all! I feel like this is the one thing in the ongoing Pandemic that raised my spirit!

Special thanks to all who bought :sushi: for me! :heart_eyes:


These look really good! :+1: :+1: :+1:

… a zipped folder with worksheets in it for the different categories you have listed. For example you could group all JLPT files into one, or for WK do them in groups of 10.

I agree with @izanami . An option to download entire batches of WK levels would simplify things!

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This was my first project that got more than 100 visits

I downloaded the WK levels and the frequency.
One thing you may or may not want to add, for people like me that have to complete a collection, is just doing a single ZIP file for the entire WK, grade, JLPT, etc lists on top of offering the singles.

Entirely up to you though and since I got what I needed… Yes, it’s all about me (I am kidding).

I just need you to do the JLPT N1 to complete that set :smiley: Not that I am anywhere close to there in Kanji knowledge…

For those looking for a paper like feel on digital, I actually find the writing surface and the pen tips on the Surface line to feel pretty close to paper. The iPad Pro also gets close to real paper feel as well. Close is not the same and not perfect though.

And of course, no one HAS to move that way but if you don’t want to waste paper, etc it’s an option. :wink:

EDIT- bought you a sushi. The site kept saying buy a coffee… I kept thinking… coffee sushi? Ewe… :smiley:


Ever tried them together? The combo tastes surprisingly well! :laughing:

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Ever tried them together? The combo tastes surprisingly well! :laughing:

I just… shudder thinking of the flavor of fish mixed with coffee… :smiley:
Maybe I will be brave one day! :sushi: :coffee:

Do remember to have black cold coffee :sunglasses: