WaniKani World Record! Level 60 in 344 Days!

Haha thanks for posting this, was about to try to do WaniKani in about a year because I’m impatient. My sleep schedule is already in ruins so I’ve decided against it! But seriously, good job!


You could submit this to Games Done Quick, maybe you can do this again on a livestream :wink:

Congrats though!


What sort of ability did yo use? Luck, memory or hardwork

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Wooooooowwwww :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Never thought I’d see such a perfect chart! Amazing work!!

Though I’ve got to ask…do you have a job or a child and how did you manage to work this round your life? (Or was it work your life around WK?) :joy:


Incredible dedication to the Crabigator. Congratulations @MegaZeroX !

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Well done! Personally I’ve been in a race in the last few months to get to Level 60 as well because I may have to go for Military Conscription in June.

My tactics seem to be the same as yours, except I use BishBashBosh to ingrain the new apprentice Kanji into my memory XD

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My 咲 powers came in part way through, and I just could always guess the right answer, so long as it was east round!

Serious answer: Practicing kanji separately for the early levels, and being ready to endure the pain of having your life dominated by WaniKani.

I do not have a child. I’m a PhD student, with my only responsibilities right now being research/classes I’m in. I’m in CS theory, so that tends to involve me trying to get proofs on my own then talking to my advisor about it. I also do CS Education research on the side though, which requires me to do interviews for stuff. And I’ve taken 1 class a semester since I’ve started.

So, to deal with research meetings, I often could stealthily do them while meeting by holding my phone to my laptop screen right over my advisor’s face, then look very intent. :smiley: (I did still do my best to pay attention though, and usually it would only take 15-20 minutes to do my important reviews). Same applies to the other research meetings. I never took an handling an interview for the education study when I knew I had important reviews.

Leveling up was more tricky, though fortunately I think that only happened once or twice during a research meeting. The most recent time was like level 58 I think and I think I spent twenty minutes in the bathroom (I didn’t lie to them, I just didn’t use the bathroom for its intended function), while then slowly barely getting the kanji lessons done in time.

For social things, I just usually told people that I had Japanese stuff at the given time, and that I would need to stop then or not participate. Sometimes it was annoying, but it was honestly the least difficult part of it.


Dedication! I expect you’re going to feel somewhat at a loss for what to do once you finish WK :joy: after being on it so much for a solid year.

Have you allowed yourself a full nights sleep yet? As a parent, this is an important topic for me :laughing:

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Nah at this point I’m just happy for my workload to go down so I can focus on other things to be honest.

And yeah, I also normally got a full night’s sleep while doing this, but just at different times, except for the rare 1am or midnight level up, which were just the worst.

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Any tips on how to sleep well with WaniKani? That is honestly the hardest thing I find, because the next day my reviews are off, and it affects me badly.


Holy quackers :smiley: This is mighty impressive!

Well done!!!


I normally sleep pretty decently, so I don’t know if it is helpful but I (spoilered because it is explicitly sexual):

masturbate before bed, which is good at getting me sleepy


congratulations @MegaZeroX - gotta say I love the uniformity in your graphs and calendars. As someone from Project Management, I really wish my projects had such consistent performances :laughing:

Ironically, this is the smallest post that I’ve ever seen of @Jonapedia :rofl:


Lol, how did that 4 hr level happen?
IIRC even the faster levels need over 3 days

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Probably a bug with how the api loaded in the level maybe, not sure. It’s been a few years so I can’t remember how long that level actually took lol

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I see that is your secret :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I said it in Skytree thread and I want to state is here again: it was a pleasure to witness your lightning的 ascend, dear sir! That was encouraging in all the aspects so much, it made me know I can stick to my humble 7days/lvl schedule as well. I’m happy I witnessed this with my own eyes.

Wish you pierce all the goals you marked, 最速空木卒業生!


Your honesty is refreshing :sweat_drops:


Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations!

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In order to achieve this I guess that you only learned recognition and not production ?
What is your opinion about production ? Are you planning to learn it too ?
Unless you did it along your way to world record lv 60 and you are even more insane than I thought :stuck_out_tongue: