WaniKani Rainmeter


What would the world be without having wanikani plugins across all platforms? Pretty much the same as this one but I chose to port the script over anyway. Keeping that nice uniformity theme the crabigator alongside your reviews and lessons are displayed promptly on your Desktop!


Installation is found on my Github.


Thanks to konnyaku for I used his code as a base for querying the API, he also created the original script.


Nice! I have a couple of Rainmeter widgets on my desktop, and this is a welcome addition! Good job. :+1:

Really nice, thank you!
Would be cool if you could double click it to open the review page in your browser.

Just did it myself. Yout just have to add this line to the [Rainmeter] section in the WaniKani.ini


Sounds awesome! Iā€™ll work on adding this to the original code when I get a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this. I liked the original rainmeter code for WaniKani but Iā€™m enjoying seeing the same info in a condensed format and the extra functionality of the double click is great.