Add new optional kanji and vocab for specific subjects

Last night, while doing my daily “fighting to read a fantasy novel in Japanese while using the least amount possible” I got the idea that it would be nice if WaniKani could give us the option to add extra kanji and vocab related to specific subjects (with their “new” radicals if needed).

The idea is that these subjects are not really used in general conversation, but are frequent enough to be considered basic knowledge for anyone that consumes any form of Japanese writing (be it novels, essays, research, news, whatever).

I broadly thought about this ‘sets’ as Fantasy, Legal, Business, Medical, Journalistic, etc.

They would be optional sets that could be turned on or off at will, and when they are active, they’ll simply merge into the normal lessons and reviews.

My example will be just to give an idea, and not an actual word or kanji missing from WaniKani (I didn’t check if it was in here or not).

Let’s say in each set there is about 150~ new vocab, and take for example 緋緋色金 (ひひいろかね), a standard Fantasy metal in Japanese media. If my ‘Fantasy Set’ option was on, it would appear at the level where I already know the kanji being used (somewhere around 54, I think?). If off, it simply disappears from my list of lessons and reviews. The same could be applied to the other sets. Of course, a user should be allowed to have any amount of them ‘on’ at any time they desire to.

I hope there are people out there that feel the same struggle I do when I read these weird or crazy kanji combinations that frequently appear but are not part of common conversations :crazy_face:


If you’re looking for a more vocab oriented tool anyway, why not try Torii. It also has a way to add your own vocab, so it should be perfect.

Wanikani is not mainly built for vocab anyway, so I don’t think adding this wanikani would be a good idea.


Ah thank you! I didn’t know this existed.

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My idea was also to integrate the kanji used in such vocab. Kanji that probably is not part of WaniKani yet. Maybe I wasn’t able to transmit that correctly.

Thanks for the recommendation though!

I think that would be cool to have as sort of sub tracks that you could pick when subscribed to WK.

Maybe 10 levels for each one. Although I’d lock it such that you could only do one track at a time including the main one.

I don’t see it happening though. WK has been pretty focused from the beginning and tools like Torii exist.

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