WaniKani Mobile - [End of Support]

onepartninja said... Thanks! I see - I thought I was just missing something. I thought at one point there was an app floating around that would estimate your next level-up, it was on a webpage that I went to. I cannot for the life of me find it again however but I will post back when/if I do - perhaps it's something you geniuses could integrate. 
Perhaps @c0n5pir4cy's webapp? /t/WaniKani-Statistics-WebApp/3509/1
The leveup completion is very detailed... Are levelup days in the past as well?

On the main page, where it has Radicals 9/10 remaining, Kanji 34/37 remaining - are these the 90% required for leveling is this total? 
 Yes. And they correspond to the dark gray portion of the progress bars.