Wanikani memes


how bout this


What do you mean? It does for me. :man_shrugging:


When a level 1 makes a post about Wanikani being too slow


guilty :joy: :joy:



Not the meme we need, but the meme we deserve.



A bit of background for this one: I first started Wanikani YEARS ago, and got up to level 14, but at that point I started worrying that I was going too slow and pushed myself and got burned out. My account lay dormant for a long, long time, all while I promised to one day come back. Well, early this year I finally did it and renewed my subscription! …to a whopping ~2,000 due reviews :’) And my memory of a lot of these kanji was…not good. After a lot of struggling, some anki work and level-long pop quizzes, I finally managed to get back into tackling those reviews with an actually not terrible correct percentage.

Today, I made time to sit down and found a good youtube video to listen to in the background and managed to shave a good 120 items off my review list! I’m down to 650 now, and the end actually seems to be in sight!

…and then I realised that I’ll be getting 100 new reviews added to my list before next week :'D

Welp. Progress is progress? n.n;;;


omg an Ensemble Stars WaniKani meme?! GIVE ME MORE >U<

Only 100 reviews in the queue for a week seems quite low when you’re not catching up from a massive queue.

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Yes, I had such high hopes. Glad I did not click on it… @Kumirei already has a modus operandi here at WK as one of the community legends… :ghost: But the lovely welcome messages sent to newbies offset those too good to be true links… :hear_no_evil: :dove: :angel:


The joke is that the original link from @Kumirei was not a rickroll, but @Okanekure sneakily made it into one when they “quoted” the previous message. So

You should! It’s actually quite nice. Just be sure to click on the correct one :joy: (Or just copy the link and slap it into your browser’s address bar, it’s the safest way)


Well, good luck. But congrats on having the courage to reset!

Thanks :smile:
However, I still feel somewhat uneasy that I’ll not be able to finish this in about a year, as I initially planned, and although I know that speed doesn’t really matter there, it’s still something that bothers me all the time. “WaniKani is not a race.”


Yeah, I know what you mean. I think that’s one of the negative side effects of the gamification. Being exposed to the community doesn’t help in that regard either, since you constantly see what people are able to achieve. Personally, I don’t really feel pressured with speed, but I do feel the same about accuracy. So much so, that I’m essentially cheating myself with the reorder script, just to keep my stats. I’m not severly abusing it, but still - every vocab I only got on the second try I won’t really know irl either. So I’m kind of undermining my own learning experience.

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but I do feel the same about accuracy

I agree, it feels bad when others have 90+% accuracy on reviews while you have something like 80%.

Reorder script was a big meme for me. I don’t know why did I initially start to use it, but the result was that I got really lazy and ended up with about 1200 vocabulary lessons as of today (when I finally decided to reset). At one point I even did 120 of them at once! But that didn’t help. I should’ve probably realized that with my degree of laziness I wouldn’t be able to catch up on vocabulary with the reorder script.

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True story.


Huh? I always just retyped it using the override script…


Been there.