Wanikani marking the question wrong even tho i got it right

the word is 代える which i since i was too lazy to write ‘to substitute something’ i put as a user synonym ‘to change’ [something]. i know what the word really means so im just trying to get through my reviews faster.
but i type in ‘to change’ and wanikani marks me wrong eventhough im positive i spelt it right
has anyone else had this problem?

They may have the synonym you added on the hidden block list since they probably don’t want people to confuse 代える with 代わる. That’s just a guess, but I’ve seen that come up before. If that’s the case I don’t think there’s a way around it.


Or has to do with transitive and intransitive verbs. When adding “something” to an answer it seems to trigger something.

EDIT: I didn’t read the topic properly.

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It seems like they are wanting you to include the something on the end. It’s probably a purposeful choice on the part of Wanikani so they aren’t allowing you to make it easier by not including that piece in your custom synonym.
I imagine the same holds true for the other vocab utilizing “something” on the end (to lift something, to lower something, etc)


if you truly know the item, not a leech or anything… you can always put in something short and simple…

the one that I didn’t want to type was out of order… I made a synonym “ooo”…done! haha :slight_smile:

but definitely need to be careful with self/other move verbs if you do something like this make absolutely sure you know the item…


I have had it happen a couple times with using a reading that I have seen reading Japanese, but its different than what Wanikani wants.

yea like 日本語 which doesnt allow にっぽんご as a reading

It might be useful for Wanikani to tell you when your added synonym is on the secret block list


I just had a look at 代える via the API and the auxiliary meanings (i.e. the ones that aren’t shown on the item page) are:

type meaning
whitelist To Replace
whitelist To Substitute
whitelist To Exchange
blacklist To Change
blacklist To Change Something

It’s probably because it is specifically blocked.



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