Wanikani KunOn 1.0.1 ("Kun'yomi" or "On'yomi" instead of "Reading") [No longer supported]

caffeine said... I don't see the emph member in curItem.   Without it, this userscript can't work.  Does anyone know if "emph" has been removed from curItem?

 It is still there. emph is only in the curitem object when curitem is a kanji. It is undefined if you are reviewing a vocabulary or radical.

AveryGoodgame said... When taking into account add-ons that are actually beneficial to learning Japanese, this is probably one of the more important ones. It's a shame it doesn't really work anymore. That or I'm just dumb and can't get what hoovard did working.
 I just posted a new version of this if you want to try it.