WaniKani & KaniWani SRS times identical?

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I was wondering whether the SRS times on WK and KW are identical or not. It just seems like I reach guru much faster on KW and there just seems to be more reviews on WK compared to KW. That’s why I have the subjective feeling that KW might not have some of the middle steps (like the ones between apprentice and guru on WK).

Can anyone help with facts?

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There are more reviews on WaniKani because KaniWani only does vocab, not radicals or kanji. I don’t think KaniWani has quite the same intervals, but I believe it’s only a small difference. I don’t actually use KaniWani, so I don’t know the specifics.



The algorithm is the same as WaniKani’s SRS, using the same time intervals between ranks.


When’s the last time that was updated though? I thought when WaniKani dropped the Apprentice 4 interval from 3 days to 2 days that KaniWani kept it at 3 days.

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Yes, this is the only difference between KW’s and WK’s SRS intervals. From Apprentice 4 to Guru 1, it takes 3d (KW) instead of 2 (WK).

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So KW is even slower…

But what you all said totally makes sense. KW is only the vocab without the readings. No Radicals (reading, meaning) and Kanji (reading, writing). So it’s just a fraction of the WK content which might make it seem to faster.

Thanks for your answers, everyone! :slight_smile:

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