Wanikani "hump"?

A lot of girls say that to me until they see the cost of pants. :joy: And pretty much if they engage in any kind of shopping with me they quickly discover that the vast majority of in store fashion is off limits. When I “shop” it’s really more for inspiration and then I search around for similar looks online with tall manufacturers or seamstresses on Etsy who can customize a similar pattern. But thank goodness for the internet. Before I had access to online shopping my pants only made it 3/4 of the way down my calf in a regular tall. :tired_face: But, fortunately, that’s not really relevant to my Japanese woahs. :laughing: Will probably need to figure out what would be appropriate to wear there and plan way ahead, but so long as I plan ahead and pack for a wide variety of situations I don’t see it being a problem.

My brain went here with the hair :joy::

Apparently Japan is usually pretty hot and humid so shorts are probably advised anyway! I’m basically a wolfman so my fur is probably going to go against me when i eventually make it over there.
Your height will most likely be the envy of Japanese woman, there’s a drummer called Shishido Kavka who was also a runway model, partly due to the fact she is 5’9 and has long legs, which is rare among the Japanese. (she grew up in Mexico but it genetically Japanese.

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