WaniKani has officially stopped responding to my emails

Thanks for the input but nope, definitely not an issue on my end. I carried out my end of the interactions from within the WaniKani app itself (little chat bubble in the bottom right of lessons), and then they’re later forwarded to my email address after the interaction is complete. So now when I go check my email to see the archived conversations, only some of them were actually forwarded to it, and of the ones that were, some of them were combined into single threads instead of kept separate. Not sure why that happens, but it’s most certainly not an issue on my end since I just used WaniKani’s built-in chat popup, not my own email. I think the chat bubble is a bit buggy in other ways too, though, since sometimes when I open it it will display a conversation from months ago and other times it will just show up blank or tell me to start a new conversation. It seems quite random but it’s no big deal.


Ah, got it. That’s good info.

Not sure what they’re using on the back end for customer support, but I’ve had similar issues with Zendesk, Intercom, and others. When there was a problem, it wasn’t at all obvious, and when customers brought it up it was a nightmare to troubleshoot.

While in this case it’s not exactly a matter of life and death, it’s a pain for everyone involved nonetheless so hopefully it gets sorted. :pray:


Just got an email today saying that they finally did update “Burn” to say “Burned” instead, more than 3 months after I sent the email in. And the email came from Nico, the same employee who responded to me in this thread, so I assume this thread is what made him want to go back and fix it. I appreciate that.

I made a Tampermonkey script a while back that checks for the “Burn” tooltip to trigger specific actions and I specifically made it also check for “Burned” just in case they ever fixed it someday. After 3 months I expected them to never bother, but now I’m glad I planned ahead lol.

Having read through this thread, I wonder if your an English major :thinking:

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Just got an email saying:

I know it’s been a while but just wanted to let you know we’ve made an update to the meaning mnemonic for the 原 radical. Thanks again for your feedback!