WaniKani Easter Eggs/ Weird UI... Why 42+?

I don’t even know what it would be a spoiler of.

It obviously would have been funnier in the book with the context of the plot. I wouldn’t know because I yet to read the book, hence why I asked if it was even a spoiler. But I imagine He wanted to the know the answer to the universe, and there may have been some journey and tension leading up to this climax, only for that answer to be 42.

Oh, for some reason I saw your “is that a spoiler” post as referring to the GIF that gojarappe
posted above. I know what 42 is and whatnot.



Well, there’s some setup, but it’s only a couple of minutes or so. The entire episode is told as a flashback within the story. It’s not, by any means, a source of tension, though it does serve as a minor MacGuffin.

For the characters involved, mind, there was seven and a half million years of tension. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh okay. I guess I feel a bit better about it then. :blush:

42+ reviews indicater feels like “there are hundreds of 'em waiting for you!”
i open up and see 53 or something doubledigit number…
what a stress !!!

I can assure you that there is not

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Gah! I just noticed I’m level 44! I passed clean through level 42 without even realising!

Such a failure…


You intend to ninja us all with your forum level, don’t you… :eyes:

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That’s another thing I failed to notice - just how far back my forum level was lagging behind. I reached level 36 in October.


I reached 42 in July

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Why aren’t you writing scripts?!? You are going to fall behind if you are here on the forums. Back to work!

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I don’t really have any scripts to work on though. Well, except for Heatmap, but I plan on adding the level up and reset indicators on Thursday.

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Then how are you going to finish one per day?
You could at least write a script that would turn all numbers into 42, just to rile the angry mob.


Doesn’t that already exist?

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Yeah but just because you have been time traveling to write every lame add-on that I suggest.

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if only someone would make a script that changed 42+ into the actual number