WaniKani Custom SRS - WIP

0.6.2 released: Lessons!

  • Added lessons for custom items! @TJ-kun
  • Added button to do reviews of only custom items

Lots of improvements to the lessons still to come (especially visually) - but they work! Custom items will not show up in reviews until they’ve been progressed in the Custom SRS lessons. When you close out of lessons you can then click the “Start Custom Reviews” button on the Custom SRS panel to review them (as they’ll be immediately available), or they’ll show up in normal reviews. The plan is to automatically start a review session with newly learned items after a lesson, but for now you have to manually do that :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately the lessons don’t use the built-in WK lessons UI, as it’s built in a way that would be very hard to add custom items into, but that also means you can separately choose how many custom vs WK items you learn, so it also has benefits!

Please let me know if you come across any issues - I’ve done my best testing but with bigger updates like this one I can easily miss bugs…


Just got home! I’m hyped to try it out, thank you so much for tagging me on this.


Just realized: The conjugation quiz doesn’t have the past negative (casual) form. Is it already on your to do-list? :blush:


Oh, not sure how I missed that! I’ll go ahead and add that to my to-do list and get it added in the next few days :+1:


@NeoArcturus and I have been having an issue with doing reviews that I just figured out how to easily replicate and test.

Radicals that are just an image are shifted all over to the left. I’ve had this happen with elf and coral radicals recently, and I just unburned gun here to have it show up in my reviews to double check that it’s centered correctly if Custom SRS is off.

I’m not sure what part of the console would actually be helpful, but now I can at least easily reproduce this since you can burn/unburn items at will.


Ugh the radical images are so annoying :sweat_smile: Thanks for letting me know, I’ll take a look on my test account a bit later and see what I can do.

Also - if you unburn something you is there a button to reburn it or do you have to go through all the SRS stages again? :thinking:

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The resurrect button becomes a burn button - gun is back in the burn pile even though I didn’t actually answer the review. I initially set an alarm for the 8th because that’s when coral is next up for review and I didn’t want to post anything here until I was sure I could reproduce it and it was this script that was the issue, but being able to easily burn items sped this up.

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Would it be possible to disable the behaviour of the script capturing a review item with a setting? I have enough reviews available throughout the day that reviews not being always accessible is not a problem, and I would rather not mess with the SRS timings.

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0.6.3 released with some small updates:

  • Add lesson actions: Burn item, delete item, skip item for now
  • Time until review fixed for burned items
  • Image radical positioning fixed (?)

Next up will be a simple item pack distribution method, probably using github…

@PotatoDancer the image radicals should be fixed. I’m not really sure how this script was breaking them, so I’ve just added in some CSS that should fix it lol
EDIT: small oversight, the image radical fix only applies when you have custom reviews due :person_facepalming: I’ll get that sorted in the next update!


0.6.4 released:

  • Improvements / fixes to Audio Quiz
  • Allow disabling all item capturing - not recommended unless you have a consistent-enough stream of WK reviews though! (uncheck all capture type options in settings) @gijsc1