WaniKani Custom SRS - WIP

Hmm, no relevant errors in your console and I haven’t been able to replicate it so far. I assume it’s with the item pack you sent before?
Do you have the Jitai userscript installed? And if so do the characters appear if you hover over where they should be?
Also, is it happening for kanji or vocab? Even if the characters are invisible it should say which it is just below.
I’ll look into it and hopefully get a fix out tomorrow afternoon!

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I have jitai installed, but I disabled it on this computer since I was troubleshooting the previous issue and haven’t reenabled it. It’s happening with both kanji and vocab; anytime there’s a custom review due it takes at least five attempts to get it to load.


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The plural of kanji is not kanjis


I’m unfortunately still having trouble replicating the issue… To try and get some more info could you try the following please:

  • Right click where the characters should be, then click inspect. It will open up a panel with all the “elements” on the page. If you look slightly above the highlighted one there should be one which says class="character-header .... Could you take a screenshot like the one below so I can see what other classes it has? (e.g. in the case of my screenshot the other classes would be character-header-kanji etc.)
  • You might have already tried this but if not, disable all other scripts to see if it works then, in case it’s a compatibility issue.

Hopefully from one of those I might be able to work out what the issue is!

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I think this is what you’re looking for!

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Also, a very weird new error - I did a set of reviews that included some custom items, then when I went back to the dashboard, it showed two reviews remaining. Just to make sure, I clicked on reviews again, and it showed a kanji (not a vocab!!) for a second before redirecting back to the home screen. I thought that was odd so I disabled the script and checked again, and sure enough, it had captured a kanji instead of a vocab. I was pretty sure I read it was set to only capture vocab items, so wanted to bring it up as a potential issue that could be a symptom of whatever else is going on currently.

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Thank you - I finally figured out the issue I think! Do you have the custom items set to not appear all at the start of the review session, but distributed throughout? I.e. have this setting set to something other than “Start”?

If so then the 0.6.0 update I just released should fix it. If not then… try it anyway just in case it fixes it :sweat_smile: There are currently some issues where the first item will quickly flash out and then in again, I’m working on fixing that as well.

EDIT: Also, in reply to your other question, it’ll currently capture any item it can find, including kanji (and cycle the captured kanji just the same as it does vocab). It is however weird that it showed two reviews remaining for you if there was only one - in that case it should have been showing 0 reviews as that one item would have been the captured one. I’ll look into it as well!

I’ve just finished a couple of weeks with a ton of work to do - so I should now have a few weeks where I can dedicate a lot more time to this script and hopefully get it to a 1.0 release!

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That looks great!

A couple of small pointers just to guide you on best practices with how I internally handle stuff:

  • For items that don’t have a meaning/reading explanation, instead of "meaning_expl": "no explanation", I’d recommend just not including those fields at all. If they’re not included the script will assume there’s no meaning/reading explanation and show a short message saying that (much like your “no explanation”) - and that way it doesn’t take up extra storage space in the json or the imported pack. I did just realise though that you said you’ll be adding mnemonics to them - so if you left them in to make that easier then just ignore this of course!
  • The items don’t need to (and again for the sake of space saving shouldn’t) include the "last_reviewed_at" field in cases like these where you’re not trying to save your progress in the shared pack.

I’ll write some better documentation to link in the top post in the next day or two, but for now here’s a rough guide:

In any case, your joyo kanji pack is looking great! I just wanted to give you some pointers in case you want to improve it even more :grin:


Question 1: Is it possible to tell the script to only capture a vocab in the reviews if available?
E.g. if the next review pile only contains kanji and/or radicals, it will still capture that one vocab item from the last review pile until another review pile contains vocab so it can release that item and capture another vocab?
Would that be possible, maybe as an option in the settings to activate if one wants to use it that way? And if so, would it be possible that the user could choose between “capture only vocab / only kanji / only radicals” to fit for different usage styles?

Question 2: When I use the conjugation reviews, I sometimes get asked the same vocab twice. Would it be possible to mark an already asked vocab as such, so it doesn’t show up again, at least within the same session?