WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement


Can we have a list of the updated kanji meaning? I’m pretty sure I had learned 栄 as Prosperity and now I don’t have my 90% kanji because it’s prosper or flourish…


Hmm, I think that one’s always been prosper or flourish. I certainly knew the flourish meaning for it as well as the prosper meaning.


Like I said, maybe I’m wrong I was just pretty sure I learned it like this, I also wrote it like that in my note. There’s still a chance I’m wrong and to be honest I would be glad because I don’t wan’t to learn them again with a slightly different meaning


I didn’t get the impression that changing kanji meanings was a major part of the update, but I’m sure they’ll provide that information if any have changed.


I have a screenshot and the meaning was prosperity or flourish. It changed to prosper or flourish . Well,too bad, but please WK give a list of the updated Kanji that would be appreciated .


Ah, fair enough.

They actually make these kinds of small changes all the time - see this thread - and they said they were going to provide a list of on’yomi changes, so I’m sure they’d be able to provide a list of changed kanji meanings too. Just gotta wait for the US to wake up :wink:


Good to hear, thank you


I’m not yet level 2, but! The enclosure radical is now called prison! Hope we can manage to remember that… :wink:


Wow i see you made the radicals actual radicals or at least more like actual redicals. but but i feel a bit sad. i really liked some of the old characters. (i know i can use the old mnemonics)


BIG question: did the radical update affect any fast levels. that means make fast levels slow ones?


From what I’ve gathered looking at others’ comments, yes. Apparently 26 is no longer fast (presumably not an issue for you!), but there are more fast levels early in the 40s (I think maybe it was… 41, 43, 44? but don’t quote me on that). Beyond that, I don’t know… others may have investigated more fully. I haven’t seen anyone mention that any of the high-level fast ones have lost that ‘status’ though.

Edit: @sirati97 here’s some unofficial confirmation:


Yeh I found one in this thread ^^ Now I have 2.


^^ Yay!! Congrats


There’s a possibility your very next level might end up being slower just because some of the kanji depend on the (14?) new radicals that were added to earlier levels, and you don’t have those new radicals at guru yet. This is the case with me for level 41 at least; 41 is a fast level now, but it won’t be that fast for me since I won’t have the new radicals at guru yet upon level up later today.


Please DO kill hard gay. He’s super offensive.


The Mmemonic for 劇 now says: ‘You remember Beck’s grandfather, Geck (げき), right? Well, Geck did all the music featured in this drama. Geck’s pretty talented. You’re impressed.’

Is this the result of overhaul, where Beck and apparently his grandfather Geck play a major role? If so, where are the characters first introduced?


I remember seeing them in an old one too, one of my hardest to remember (and I can’t even tell you what item it was, cause I can’t recall D= )

I do hope this one can get a better one, cause, who? What? Doesn’t even make it memorable…


I remember those mnemonics from years ago. I think they’re referring to the musical artist Beck, which probably should be changed because he’s a cultural reference. I think they just made up Geki as a name for his grandpa for mnemonics, similar to Gouichi.

@Toyger Personally I found it memorable because I like Beck :woman_shrugging:


I’ve vaguely heard the name, didn’t know it was an artist :wink:
I honestly thought it was a football player or something sports related XD


You know what, I think there is a sports star named Beck. Maybe a basketball player? I know nothing about that though :laughing: