WaniKani Carousel Project

Greetings fellow Japanese learners!

Thought I’d take a moment to share a project I just finished up called the WaniKani Carousel. Upon discovering there was an API available I thought it would be pretty cool to have a device always showing me the most recent stuff I’ve been studying. I had some extra Raspberry PIs lying around the house and thought I could write something to run on one of those boards to achieve my idea. I decided to use an e-ink screen due to the low refresh rate required and how power efficient and less of an eye sore it would be. The software to run the device is a combination of a .NET core application and a Python application. All of the code is on my github at deadcast2/WaniKaniCarousel (github.com)

For the past few days, I’ve really enjoyed having this picture frame with the PI board embedded in it hanging in my home office. It’s fun to see something always new being displayed. I may design a better version in the future since I consider this a prototype.

Let me know if any of you have any questions. Thanks for reading!


Looks cool, could work for learning new words, too.


That’s so cool!

There are a few “spicy” words in WK. If you welcome clients in your office, maybe you’ll want to keep a piece of cloth around to cover it if if happen to show something like 飛び込み自殺 or 金玉 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Kazzeon! Thank you! Yes I could also change the algorithm to occasionally show some new words coming soon. I don’t think it would be too hard to do that. Would be fun to see some surprises.


Hey pabbles!

Haha thank you for the heads up. I think I’ll be safe though since the only clients I deal with are via Zoom and in both of my cameras the e-ink screen isn’t visible. So I think I’m safe! :sweat_smile: Those are some interesting words coming up one day for me to learn though! Will be awesome when I get to your level.

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Sure :smiley:

I took me 6 years to get here lol
A semi-serious student could max out 2.5 Wani Kani accounts in that amount of time :joy:

Hey that’s awesome! WaniKani definitely isn’t a race or about the level. It’s really about learning and however long that takes so what. :slight_smile: Yeah it seems if you push that WaniKani could be completed between 2 to 3 years. I’m taking it easy and trying to really enjoy the process. Just got to level 5 and have MANY lessons to do but I keep my reviews down to 0.

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Wow that first word really is a spicy word!!!


That is the way :+1:

Playing with the amount of Apprentice items you inject with new Lessons is the best way to manage the flow.

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Is there actually a setting for that?

Nah, it just means that you set your own limit to the amount of new lessons you do based on your current number of items in apprentice. Let’s say you find that having 100 items is ok, 150 is tolerable and 200 is too much. At that point you just have to stop doing lessons (while continuing reviews) until the count goes down to something more comfortable.

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Very cool, but you should probably change the font to a Japanese one. Or add lang="ja" to the subject and reading elements.

Hmm interesting. So if I just don’t do that many lessons and just focus on always completing my reviews the lessons count will drop eventually?

You can tell it’s not from 山 and 人?

No, no, the reviews become more manageable since you’re doing less lessons.

The more lessons you do, the more items to review there are.

Whoa thanks for the suggestion! I added those language tags and the characters render nicer. Never used that tag before. :slight_smile:

Yeah vs is an immediate giveaway. Also the り with a hook at the start of the second stroke is something I’ve only ever seen in Chinese fonts.

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Ooh, the furigana. Yeah, I didn’t see that, looks very weird.

I’ve seen both in 山, but I guess it’s a computer vs handwriting thing. :thinking:

Exactly. Just like 言 looks more like its Chinese variant in handwriting.

Looks better, imo. Otherwise it’s too flat.

That’s a really cool project! I forgot about e-ink displays ah ah, perfect for it, smart choice!

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