WaniKani C# ApiClient

Just here to inform that I’m in middle of the way of writing a C# API client for the Wanikani api, will post it to github when it’s ready for release.

The Clietn will be there so you don’t need to worry about the API and can continue to work with the data without a problem with C#. It will be made for VS and not MONO however I belive that if anyone wanna port it to Mono it shouldn’t be a issue, the only external library I use is Json.Net and that works under Mono as well.

You should be able to use this dll in most languages under windows as well so your not forced to use it under C#.

Anyhow just letting this get out in case more are working on the same thing, or want it.

I do not understand, but it sounds awesome nonetheless

Well in simple terms it meens that I will make it easy to work with the API, They don’t need to worry about how to download the information from the web server and how to ask the web server for the information.

It’s just a level of abstraction pretty much and speed up work in the long run if you want to write something with it so the person can focus more on what he want to do then how to get the information.

Anyhow overall status is still early for this project but it’s comming alone with the few spare times I have over to code ^^.

Sweet, that should pave the way to all sorts of nice Windows apps.

Awesome C#, now we’re talking.  Maybe I can play around with some Windows 8 apps.

I do not have the time to develop atm, still intereste in what you’ll be making


Very very early published version here, I’ll have quite a bit more to do, Xml Documentations and Documentations altogheter, error handling and a few more things. But at it’s earliest stages right now and ‘Works’ so it can easily be experiemented with for those who want to do that.

I’ll update the first post when it’s in a bit more ready state.

Them Windows 8 metro apps are waiting for you

Yeah if nobody do a tiny M;etro application I’ll planed to try to do one over the hollidays just to check out how it actually is to make one for fun.

I’m already working on a nice Metro application :slight_smile:
Hope to finish an early version in the next two weeks (free from work).

Awesome! I can’t wait to check this out! (no pun)

now everybody is a developer, I feel out :smiley:

Updated the Client some, Added some minor manual & added XML comments for the API so it will be much easier to work with.

Will soon create a sample application ( and publish it to windows 8 store ) as a tiny Windows 8 application that will keep you notified about updates if everything goes as planned.