Windows Phone App

I’m curious to know:  Is anyone developing a Wanikani app for windows phone?

I’d try to make one if there was enough interest and I had the time to learn C# and the WK API.

I don’t think that one is in development right now,
but I’d really like to see one as I’m a windows phone user myself.
I don’t think there is a lot of interest though,
as there aren’t many people using windows phone :confused:

I have played with the thought to actually start programming a Windows 8 (Desktop/Tablet) for WaniKani just pick up different concepts of programming. Since I don’t have a Windows Phone (I’m on Android) I am hesitant on whether I should also try and program one for Windows Phone. Since I have never really had a Windows Phone in my hands for more than two minutes altogether, I would like to get a feel of the OS first before actually getting to program stuff.

I don’t necessarily want to spend hundreds of euros on a second phone just to test the waters. Does anyone know whether Microsoft has free or reduced phones for developers?

@Biolore: I’m also not that experienced with C# but I already tinkered around with the WK API a little.  After I have some free time again (I’m at the end stage of my Master thesis) I would definetely want to look into creating a Windows Phone WaniKani App. If you’d like we could team up or something.

@Wheely: I also think that there isn’t so much interest in Windows Phone at the moment but I think the unified Windows 10 ecosystem could be the spark for Windows Phones.

Teaming up could be fun.  I’m in my junior year of electrical engineering, so my time is limited a lot of time, but an extra project isn’t that bad.  I’ve got a Lumia 820, and I know you can get the 520 pretty cheap ($100 unlocked).
Theoretically, Windows 10 will make it so that you only have to write one app that will work on several form factors.

Also, I’ve already got a dev account with microsoft because dreamspark is pretty cool

The biggest problem with Windows Phone apps is the kind of licensing agreement they force you into if you want to make one. It’s the same reason there’s no metro Anki app, the app store license is incompatible with the Anki license.

I looked at the license, and you’re right about anki.  For those that didn’t, asically if you use any closed source code from Microsoft, you can not make your code FOSS.  However, The license for anki requires you use a specific FOSS license (GNU license)

Why couldn’t someone make a WK app?  It would not be featured on wanikani, which is a shame, but it could still be made, right?

I would love an app for the Windows phone! There aren’t too many great apps for reviewing Japanese throughout the day for it. 
Even just a hiragana memory game or something would be nice, but a whole wanikani app would be more dared to hope for.

@VelvetRabbit Check out tango master.  It has an srs flash card system with lists of kana, kanji and vocab like wanikani, but it doesn’t have the mnemonics.

I’m in to help! Let’s team up to do this

@Biolore & nibill: Sure, let’s do it.  Is there any way on this forum to send you a private message with contact details?

Unfortunately no. Send me a mail at

Sorry for double post, but suchmaske are you still interested?

Sorry to keep you waiting. I just sent you a mail.