WaniKani API + GeekTool = ♥

luluhouse7 said...

 couldn't you just kill the process instead? much easier than a restart :)
Yes, that would indeed be easier, but I wrote these instructions with non technically inclined people in mind.

luluhouse7 said...
also... any linux or windows version of this?
(・-・)・・・ん? I actually made a Windows version of this a couple of weeks ago…

As for Linux, you can use Conky to make your own. My Linux box is for work so I don't plan on making one myself, but I'm guessing that most Linux users shouldn't find something of this level too difficult.

alucardeck said... I can develop one for Windows Gadget in a few hours..  if people are interested just tell me =]

ok i made it =P

More developers working on WaniKani apps is always a good thing, though (o⌒_⌒o)!