Wani Watch: Android Wear Watch Face

Inspired by Darkenvy’s Tokei Tokei, I started work on a Watch Face for Android Wear powered devices.
Like Tokei Tokei, Wani Watch will show Critical Condition Items from WaniKani as a Watch Face. With the companion app on your phone, you can customize the time interval between characters and the percentage at which a character is considers critical enough to be shown, as well as provide your WaniKani API Key.
Wani Watch is still in early development and I have only tested it on my G Watch R, so there are probably still a lot of bugs left and many features missing.

Download Link
To install, you must enable installation from unknown sources, which can be found in the Security section.

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I thought I would let you know that I tested it out on my Moto 360 and it is working well. The only issue is the kanji and text are off center to the left by about 10%, which isn’t really a problem. The only change I would consider is adding feedback to the user when the “get data from Wanikani” button is pressed, otherwise it can seem like nothing has happened until they can see that the vocab has updated on the watch.

I was actually thinking about writing a similar app for my Moto 360, except for burnt items to make sure I’m remembering them. It is good to see someone else pursuing Japanese language tools for Android Wear.

Thanks for the feedback! Due to the way layouts work on Android Wear Watch Faces, I had to resort to a somewhat odd method of centering the text on the display. I had to tweak it a little until it worked reasonably well for me, so it’s definitely possible that I still need to do that for other devices. If you could provide one or several screenshots of the issue, that would be greatly appreciated!
Regarding the options screen, I am actually hoping to replace it with a proper one that also includes a few more options.

A Watch Face for burned items sounds like a really nice idea. I’m definitely going to give it a try when you release it!

Sorry, I forgot to create a screenshot when I had a chance. Here it is. Inserting it as a picture didn’t work, so I’m just providing the URL.


I am seriously considering purchasing an Android Wear to display WaniKani Critical Items! I’ve been stuck at Level 6 for quite some time!! And this would be a way to look at it while on the go and while doing other things.  

What are some good android wear watches to purchase? I mainly use digital watches, with alarm and date functions.

Please recommend some Android Wear Watches to purchase thanks!

The link for the APK is dead! I’d like to use this on my Moto 360. Does it still exist anywhere?

Ditto, I also want to use this, but the link is dead.

Edit: I’ve had a moto360 since December of last year and I love it.

Oh man, I didn’t see this before! I hope the original author (or someone else) can upload that APK again. Maybe even open-source it if they can’t work on it anymore? :slight_smile:

I have an LG G watch (one of the original Android Wear watches) that I’d love to try this out on. 

hopeful bump.

Any Updates on this??
I would love some wani kami functions on my Samsung Galaxy watch!