VR and Japanese - what kind of uses are there?

Hey all! After rigorous saving over the summer, I decided to splurge on an Oculus Rift S when there was a wave of restocks. Once I got it, I really started to enjoy the potential I could have with it. Aside from playing more Beat Saber than healthy, I was starting to think how I could apply virtual reality to either help me with immersion or practice with Japanese.

So far I’ve installed Google Earth VR, as I assumed it would be a great way to simulate walking around areas with lots of Japanese to read (not to mention simply enjoying the sights). I figure that if I installed VRchat I could also find some ways of linking up with Japanese natives, but I haven’t quite gotten everything setup with that yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions to different ways I can integrate Japanese into my VR system? I’m interested to see if I can discover anything more!

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Ah, I want some kind of VR headset, but last I checked, they still cost a whole lot more than I was willing to pay.

I was given a Google-Cardboard-type thing - basically a frame with lenses that you stick your phone on the end, but the focus was terrible, the picture was like I was looking through cardboard tubes held in front of my eyes, and the band was so tight I had to have a folded-up tissue on the bridge of my nose to prevent it from caving my skull in.

Uh. For suggestions, maybe see if Steam’s got anything in Japanese? Maybe stay away from the… aha aha, wink wink, “simulation” genre. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… maybe don’t stay away from it. It’s an opportunity to learn vocab you won’t encounter in other genres :wink:

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I have a quest, which I partly got for Japanese immersion. Mainly VR chat which is a great tool! Going into the Japanese rooms and speaking and listening to everday Japanese is very valuable. It is a bit of a crapshoot however. Sometimes I’m too shy to get involved and sometimes the rooms can be taken up by people just speaking English and talking about wanting to speak Japanese, in English! Go figure!

Some games also have Japanese audio - Arizona Sunshine, Shadow Point and some have subs like Vacation Simulator, Timestall, Accounting +.

That’s my main ways for VR Japanese at the moment.


Ah yes, I think that may be a good option to consider. I’ll be sure to look into it if I have some time :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a part of the reason why I didn’t instantly jump for the option. My speaking/listening is far below my reading comprehension (which isn’t saying too much), so I feel too nervous to try speaking in Japanese at the moment. Maybe I can try and afk in a chat room and listen to see if I can pick up anything to start. As for the other games you mentioned, I’ll definitely give them a look.

VRChat has a lot of japanese users to speak to, especially when its daytime there.


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