Vocab - Female Voice vs Male Voice

Is there an explanation why I generally hear the Dude and rarely the Dudette when I get a word right in my reviews? Is this the case only at the lower levels? Do the two even out as I progress? Does the ratio get reversed towards the last levels?!

Just curious. :sweat_smile:

I think I remember mostly hearing the female voice towards the higher levels.

I seem to mostly hear the female voice these days, but I don’t know if there’s any rationale behind whether they pick a male or female to do the words. I think the audio is sourced from Jpod101’s database, if I remember correctly, so it’s whatever they have on file.

I usually don’t have the sound on when I do reviews, but I just checked, all the level 60 vocab uses the female voice.

No. We source our own audio.

The earlier levels uses a male (Tokyo accented) voice actor. Later levels is @mamimumason, due to not being able to procure the male voice actor. We are working in replacing the audio to make it consistent with one voice at the moment.


Okay, so it seems the structure is symmetrical–Dude in the beginning, Dudette in the end. That’s cool, thank you.

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