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I love the idea of keyboard navigation. And I see that WK has taken a stance on WASD vs HJKL navigation (joking). I prefer (i.e. have strong muscle memory for) vim-like navigation. I tried searching the boards and a quick search for user-scripts and am not seeing anything that would provide vim-like navigation. Is there anything I am missing?


I haven’t seen anything like that

Wait, I’m confused, where can you navigate in vanilla wanikani with your keyboard besides the obvious tab order?
I personally use vimium-c on my browser. It adds typeable labels onto clickable elements when pressing a button, which makes it very leap-esque.


Seems like it is relatively new? This Feb 22 post came up when I was originally searching.

It shows up as a little kbd icon in the lower right in Lessons and Reviews.

It might be time for me to revisit vim-navigation browser plug-ins. I gave up around the time Firefox changed their add-on API and many of the projects (including the one that worked best for me) moved on to other things.


Ah, okay, so it’s a lessons thing

Here’s a very quick and dirty userscript, that should (this isn’t italicized enough sadly) match the awsd behaviour


Just tried it out, this is awesome! Thank you, kind netizen.

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Cheers to those of the vi persuasion.

I’m not alone.

Once the neural networks are programmed, anything else seems irritating.

(But I still call it vi from usage long before vim was a thing).



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