Videos using japanese grammar words

Hello guys!

I was watching Anime without subtitles the other day and wrote several japanese grammar words in my anki deck. However, even after spending nearly an hour rewieving, I could not remember them at the end of the session which frustrated me.

Luckily I remembered how I remembered certain grammar words: By rewatching random japanese videos or anime clips.

By rewatching this clip, minute 2:10 (don’t click on the link below if you haven’t watched Attack on Titan yet, it has massive spoilers) I’ve learnt the word どうやって (meaning “How”, “by what means”)

The same thing with this clip, minute 0:59 (also a clip of Attack on Titan with massive spoilers), I managed to learn the word しかし (meaning (But))

Do you guys know other clips containing grammar vocabulary, a similar thread or methods how to learn grammar vocabulary effectively? If you want to share some clips of shows, please announce priorly if it is a spoiler :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks in advance! XOXO

One of our teachers likes to show us these videos, and I think they’re pretty interesting. You can learn some vocab, grammar, and general Japanese culture (for example there’s a video on karuta). There’s this recent video about Valentine’s Day: 紙兎ロペ「ハッピーバレンタイン」編 - YouTube (You could probably use the auto-subtitles if you need the Japanese text.)

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uuuuh thx for the quick reply! I’ve watched it and it’s quite good!!

I heard good things about , ‘Nakata Atsuhiko’s Youtube University’ (中田敦彦のYoutube大学’), but I haven’t really been able to watch it because it’s way beyond my level :sweat_smile:. It seems to be 20-30 min videos on nonfiction topics categorized by subject (economics, society, world history, medicine).
If you just want exposure to normal Japanese, try something you are interested in. I pick up words sometimes from the lyric videos of Japanese songs, and I know a lot of people watch Japanese vtubers to do the same.

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I mean you’re on WaniKani, so you can use the same method for remembering grammar vocab - by making up some story using parts of the word that you’re trying to remember) So, for example どうやって will change into doughnut (どう), Yankees (や) and a hand (て) probably? And the story will go like this - you are watching a doughnut (どう) being eaten by a Yankee (や) and you are wondering HOW could he use his hand (て) like that to eat it???

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Thank you for the link i’ll check this too! Sometimes i’m frustrating when watching youtube videos cuz i don’t get half the things​:cry::cry:

Yeah making up mnenomics with grammar!! That’s a good idea too, thank you!!