New Anki Writing Practice Deck ("Tranquility")

(NOTE - This currently isn’t designed with phones in mind but I AM working on some template updates to make it work, it’ll probably look weird on phones until then)

Hey y’all, based on @cemmy410 's Anki writing deck ive been working on a brand new template called Tranquility:

This new deck features a revamped template designed to feel calm and ornamental without being distracting, with smooth vector lines, carefully chosen fonts and tranquil, randomized background designs adapted from the works of Mori Yuzan.

Use the scratchpad on iOS/Android to draw above the Whiteboard area or draw along on your desktop, and show the answer to see how close you were to the Kanji. When the answer is show you can select the Whiteboard to toggle viewing the stroke order in case you need it.

Additionally, under the Style Sheet at the top of the text you can easily change the height and size of the whiteboard to suit your devices needs.

This is the first version with an initial design and I learned CSS and HTML just for this so there’s a lot more I can learn and improve upon both in the visual style and how it’s coded. I also plan on bringing this deck style to other popular Japanese Anki decks so more Anki resources can look nice and chill uwu.

Sans Titre Font licensed as a non-commercial work -

Kanji Strokes Font licensed as a non-commercial work -

Sans Noto by Google, licensed under Apache 2.0.

Backgrounds adapted from the book Hamonshū by Mori Yuzan 森雄山, licensed under Public Domain - Hamonshū : Mori, Yūzan, -1917 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


  • Design adjustments to make this work nicely on mobile phones.
  • The ability to switch between whether the normal Kanji or Stroke Order appear first when you flip the card.
  • Better light theme colours, atm i designed just for black and im winging it.


  • Is there a good Japanese stroke font that I can use as the overlay? I’d rather bundle in one font so the experience is consistent across devices and I looked for aaaaages to find one that fit the profile of the Mac/iOS default one. If anyone has suggestions then PLEASE @ me.
  • Everything else in general, let me know how it feels, how it works, if anything breaks, etc.



These are gorgeous.


Looks great!
I have been using the old deck alongside WK for a while now to do hand writing practice every day.
Would love to see an iOS friendly version in the future.

Keep up the great work.

@zyoeru Thanks! If you try them let me know how it goes.

@Klarato It works on an iPad, but I need to adjust the template for iPhones and Android phones as the onyomi and kunyomi labels will collide with each other if the view is too thin. Shouldn’t take too long to rework (I hope).

@Takanu - No worries Anki can be a bit funny to work with at times. On the iPhone i tested this morning it just seems a lot of the graphics are broken and glitched out as well…It was still usable for the most part but once its fully updated and working ill switch over to using it as my main deck.

Thanks again for your hard work :slight_smile:

Hi, this deck looks amazing but for some reason it’s starting me on level 4. I see the level 1 cards in the deck but I’m not sure how to change the sort order so it starts with level 1. Any advice?