Verbal Mnemonic Suggestion (かぶ)

@Mods For the kanji reading かぶ (which I first saw on the level 20 vocabulary 被る), the verbal mnemonic that seems to be listed is “cub”. The issue is that when I read and speak it, I will always start my reading with the く hiragana instead of the か hiragana since it reads like the former and doesn’t sound like the former or latter when said out loud.

Would it be possible to change this mnemonic to either “kaboom” or since Japanese loan words have been used for these sound mnemonics before (e.g. Shougun, Toukyou, Kyouto), could “kabuki” be used?


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You can send an email to with your suggestion


tag @Mods and they will take a look at your suggestion.

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Thank you very much (I didn’t know I had to tag the mods for them to take a look).

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Although I would probably think of “cub” as more of a か sound than a く sound, I’ll let the team know and see what they think :+1:

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I would second that. I have problems like this quite regularly. Maybe it’s because I’m not a native english speaker or because I’m much more a visual than an auditory person, but I make much more mistakes when the mnemonic is on the sound instead of the writing. Sometimes so much I have to make up my own, because the default just isn’t working for me.

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