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I am pretty new here, but I just read the Wired article on Supermemo, and it seems like WaniKani is using the same idea. Is that why I am unable to learn new words?





Unable to resist learning new words, is what you are.

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You are referring to this article, right?

Yes, WaniKani is based on the same idea (SRS), but why does it keep you from learning new words?

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best avatar ever.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if you’re wondering why you’re not having vocabulary lessons yet, it’s because you probably haven’t learned any kanji (or at least haven’t Guru’d any). You’ll first learn a batch of radicals and then you’ll be reviewed on them at increasing intervals. Every time you get an answer right consecutively, you’ll make progress on your mastery of said item. Once you’ve got it up to Guru, you’ll unlock kanji. You’ll do the same process with the kanji you’re presented with until you get them up to Guru at which point you’ll finally get vocabulary.

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Lemme guess, you didn’t read the FAQ or the GUIDE and you’re asking why you ran out of things to learn?


thx for noticing me senpai!

Yes. I figured it out. My days of being a simpleton are now over. Someday I will become a crabigator (or castigator…). Thanks for your help fidel, and thanks for noticing me…kouhai.

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