Using Manga as a supplementary vocab tool

So, I have some manga I got a while back and I’m thinking of using them as a supplementary resource. I figured, there’s two ways I can go about this. I can read the manga, and look up any vocab I don’t know. However, at the level I’m at now, I’d probably be looking up at least every other word. I was thinking of starting in a couple of weeks.

My other option, is to go through a chapter at a time, take all the vocab, and put it in a flashcard app or something and learn them all that way, then read the chapter.

What do you guys think? Should I try the first method? Should I just wait until I know a few thousand vocab words from here then try the first method? Should I use the second?

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

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The more material you consume, the better. Just don’t burn yourself out. If you find you can start now and struggle though it I say go for it. But depending on the manga and the subject material it could be quite difficult.

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Mostly Dragon Ball and things like that. They all have furigana.

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I’ve tried this before, my only advice is to make sure you have somewhere you can check the grammar, and verb conjugations. You actually want to have an idea whats going on in the story, and vocabulary is only going to take you so far.

In my experience no matter what manga you end up with in your hands it’s got furigana with everything. So, if you have a good dictionary, it makes it way easier to look up the words.

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