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Hi, I see things are very broken right now. I will spend some time on it after work. Hopefully this can be improved significantly today, but for now I have no idea. Go ahead and report any breakage you find - it will save me time and allow me to focus on fixes. The reviews will be the first thing I tackle.

edit: I just realized that I missed this being slowly rolled out on beta. Thanks to everyone who tried to inform me ahead of time (a few months ago, no less!). I need to rethink how I deal with this kind of stuff.


Don’t beat yourself up, the beta was only available for two weeks slightly_smiling_face


1.4.0 release


  • restored styles of reading/meaning on review page
  • restored styling of input field on review page
  • restored styling of tool buttons under input on review page
  • restored styling of the kana chart on review page
  • fixed arrow pointing to additional info on review page
  • restored styling of character view and header on review page
  • restored styling of hint popup on review page
  • reapplied SRS style on the new elements
  • improved styling of submit inputs
  • improved styling of hint sections in item info
  • restored styling of radicals composing a kanji
  • minor color/shadow improvements in item info sections

This was an “emergency” release for fixes after the website changed substantially (part 1 of ?). This time I focused exclusively on the reviews. There are still things left to do there (parts of the “Item Info” view and “Last 10” view). The next priority will be lessons (also very broken right now).


Thank you for the speedy update! Like you say there’s a couple of things missing (when you get a chance!), in case you haven’t noticed, here’s a couple:

  • When you press f to see item details the loading box thing is still white
  • The two buttons bottom right

Thanks so much for the quick update! It’s gonna take me a while to get used to the new scaling of the ui, still looks pretty weird to me. Seems to work pretty well overall, except for those things you mentioned of course, although I will say setting the background of review items to colour instead of dark doesn’t work, as it just keeps it dark. Great work though, I can save my eyes again!


Thanks for letting me know about the background issue. I most likely broke this yesterday without realizing. I will add this to my TODO list :slight_smile:

@Hubbit200 I forgot to mention those 2 places, I’m aware but decided yesterday that they are more trouble than they’re worth right now.


My retinas thank you for this update!


Thanks for the quick update, it looks great :slight_smile:

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1.4.1 release


  • fixed ability to configure review/lesson item background
  • restored styling of navigation bar on lessons page
  • restored styling of info sections on lessons page
  • restored styling of queue on lessons page
  • restored styling of kanji composition on lessons page
  • restored styling of patterns of use (affects multiple pages)
  • restored styling of user synonyms (affects multiple pages)
  • restored styling of loading view on review page
  • restored styling of character grid (affects multiple pages)
  • fixed styling of keyboard menu and chat button

Emergency release, part 2 of ?. This time the fixes were mostly for lessons, but some of them affected reviews. The “Last 10” section is still not fixed, other than that things should already look pretty good during lessons and reviews. Next time (unfortunately not tomorrow) I’ll look through reviews, lessons and extra study and fix whatever is left, then move on to level/radical/kanji/vocab information pages (they’re still pretty bad).


If you see anything broken on reviews or lessons, but especially lessons, please let me know here. My account is mostly neglected right now so it’s not possible for me to get to kanji and radical lessons (but I have a few lined up for vocab), so I can’t verify if they work or not.


Might be worth creating a test account

So funny you mention that.

I finally got around to creating one myself yesterday so I can have some lessons again, and am currently having to go through the hellish wait for kanji and vocab to unlock. WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR MORE REVIEWS?!!

(That’s a joke!)


I think only things that are left on the review side are
*Vocabulary Reading box is in wrong color
*Your answer was a bit off box is in wrong color
and also for some reason the box doubles when you get the ‘‘that is also a reading for this kanji but we’re looking for blah blah’’ thingy


Hint boxes in reading and meaning in lessons are in wrong color*


As far as I can tell, the colors are applied correctly now. Maybe I’m misunderstanding which part you mean. Can you give me a screenshot?

This is what I’m getting:


This is the expected look. Are you getting something else?

I’m pretty sure this is a WK bug/feature. The style shouldn’t be responsible for this.

The fix for this is on the way :slight_smile:

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1.4.2 release


  • applied hint style more broadly to affect lessons
  • applied character composition style more broadly to affect other views
  • fixed tooltip styles for inline vocab/kanji/radical/reading/meaning
  • restored styling of the items in the “last 10” section
  • set SRS change’s background to make it readable with color background
  • fixed WKOF menu styling during reviews
  • fixed styling of the dashboard alert
  • fixed footer image on item/level info pages
  • fixed navigation bar on item/level info pages
  • made it much clearer that items are locked
  • restored styling of the legend in item/level info pages
  • restored styling of level info sections and progress bars

Post-update release 3 of 4ish. The primary thing here are the level info pages, that should be completely fixed now (see specific level info or radicals/kanji/vocab level 1-10). This also cleans up a few smaller things in reviews an lessons. The pages for specific items are the only thing left as far as I’m aware. I’m not sure if I’ll have time available during the weekend, so it might have to wait for Monday.


Oh if that is the expected look then it’s ok

I came across it for a second time now actually-
I’m talking about these

Thanks for the updates! One small thing I noticed:

This shake warning tooltip should probably be coloured like the incorrect one below is?

I don’t think it would be red in the vanilla WK theme though. Shakes are technically not failed answers, but rather “legal” chances to retry, while red background is used by WK to indicate a failure, i.e. an answer that will be counted towards misses and cause the card to be demoted.

Or did you mean the tooltip? In this case, I agree, and it’s probably also a good idea to put it outside the answer box like the other one.

And while I’m here: artemigos, thanks for all the hard work!

Yep, I meant the tooltip, just wasn’t clear enough about it :sweat_smile:

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